Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gettin' Close, I Think

Well, we got the cows over to the new homestead

our neighbor used his truck to help us get them over there

the cows were a bit bewildered by the change in scenery...
but, from what I understand...
they gave no trouble getting up on the truck and doing what they needed to
that's pretty good considering they never had that experience before
I think the secret is taming them from a young age and keeping them that way
less apt to become frightened and be more cooperative

and because the area is more lush than our current location...
Ms. Ruthie Moo Moo's milk is richer

and yeah, when I went to take this photo of my husband milking Ms. Ruthie...
junior bull side stepped from his post and got into the picture

I was happy to see this...
The Fence going up

this ought to keep both our chickens and dogs inside our cottage compound area

you are seeing a lot of bush in there right now...
but, as soon as we get our goats in there after the gates are put up...
they will do the hard job (easy for them) and mow that all down
we will just let them free range in there until we see the dirt ground...
then take them on up to their own pasture grounds

yep, still working on the cottage
soon, soon, it will be completed

the kitchen and den side are completed...
and so, some of the guys walked in with the kitchen furniture
about a half mile walk over the river and through the woods

I gotta hand it to them...
they are strong men

even my hard working husband took something in...
the screen door to the kitchen back door

and while it is a "plain jane" door...
I do have some ideas to spiff it up with

we counted the cost of having a local man make the door...
versus buying an imported one
imported doors cost more than the locally made one...
even while having to put the hardware on ourselves

so, of course, we had our kitchen carpenter make one
so much better to give the job to the local people

and yes, while the painting has been accomplished...
the blue tape on the windows still need to be taken off

and there, you can see some of the kitchen hardware
the one on the far left is for my outdoor kitchen

and yes, we get to do the painting on this furniture
we will not have regular cabinets on the wall
I will talk about that later

so much for that March move in date that is long past
ah yes, so close and yet, so far away

I brought the dogs with me a couple of times to get acquainted with the new homestead
it seems to help settle pets in sooner...
and more comfortably if they are familiar with their new home

they did enjoy the spring creek water

in the meantime at the old homestead...
we harvested a big bowl of coffee beans and got to work cracking the shells open

I used the side of a light weight hammer and gently mashed them open

and there below, you can see the pulp that covers the actual coffee bean

once all the beans are out of their shells...
they are fermented for about a day or two and the pulp washed away in water

I put them on a tray and set them in the sun until they are good and dried...
and the hulls pop open so that the skin can be taken off

then they can be stored until roasted for the grinding into coffee powder

roasting the coffee beans in the pan takes some time and patience...

ideally, they should be a dark brown to almost black
it took about 45 minutes to get there as done in this photo
and it must be stirred almost constantly to keep them from burning
it shouldn't take that long and I'm pretty sure the heat wasn't high enough

next time, I will try the oven method and see how well that works

because I like pretzels and because I must be gluten free...
I made some home-made gluten free rod pretzels...
which turned out good enough to keep the recipe

only I misplaced the recipe and can't find it

we have so many citrus of all kinds on our trees...
they are falling to the ground
we have grapefruit, mandarins, tangerines, oranges, limes and lemons

we sell some and eat as many as we can...
but, the trees are still loaded

mandarins, anyone?

this used to be where our cocoa beans were drying...
but, this sweet hen decided it was a good enough place...

for laying her eggs
not so sure sitting on cocoa beans is so very comfortable
she obviously doesn't mind because she keeps going back to the same spot

an egg is an egg is an egg
better than traipsing through the bush looking for eggs laid by renegade hens

after this last photo, I took up the cocoa and put a towel down for her
she nestled it into a nice little cushy pile

Except the Lord build the house,
they labour in vain that build it:
except the Lord keep the city,
the watchman waketh but in vain.
Psalm 127:1

May your day or night be kept by the Lord's grace.


  1. Great to see and read that all is progressing, slowly but surely.
    Wishing you well for the move whenever it happens.

  2. Dear Jane, I just loved it all, so pretty and bright! You make me happy just seeing the progress and all the fruits of your labor. Watching and waiting to see the final stages!
    Hugs, Roxy

    1. Thanks, Roxy. I appreciate your visiting.

  3. Jean, it is all coming along beautifully. Your home will be very pretty and functional. You are blessed with an abundance of good food, through the Lord and your hard work.


    1. Thanks, Deanna. The Lord is gracious.

  4. You're moving?
    I think cows are pretty. They look like they are so nice.

    1. Yes, we're moving. Need pasture for the animals and not enough where we are. I think cows are pretty, too. Our cows are very tame and gentle. Makes us happy.

  5. I was wondering why you are moving, and you answered it, you needed more pasture land.

    Your home is coming along nicely, even if behind schedule. Having to wait makes it all the more sweeter and appreciated.

    Cows look like such gentle creatures.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

    1. Thank you, FlowerLady. If we hadn't found larger pasture areas for our cows and goats, we would have had to find new homes for them. I hope you have a lovely weekend, too.