Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Omelet Taco...

Because we are unconventional in our breakfasts on Pilgrim's Farm...
our freedom to turn breakfast upside down and eat what fuels our bodies for the day's work...
is all the more tastier

we like vegetables and plenty fruits in the morning...
and herbs to help ward off bacteria and viruses as we mingle with the animals...
and dig in the dirt

we eat plenty of our own hens' eggs for lutein (an antioxidant) and protein

and an egg omelet taco is a good filler for the morning
easy and fast to make
we make omelets of our choice...
heat some taco shells...
stuff the shells with the cooked omelet...
top with some yogurt (or sour cream)...
and add fresh herbs for more than just a garnish

May your day or night be delicious in the grace of the Lord.


  1. You got the tomato on one side and the green stuff all on the other. Everyone knows they have to be spread evenly, green stuff under the tomato!
    We have breakfast burritos sometimes. I like the taco idea!

  2. And pickles? For breakfast? I think there may be a baby coming your way!

  3. That looks fabulous! We love to eat breakfast burritos!



  4. Mmmmm mmmm! Looks delicious! We love lots of veggies w/ our eggs too. A coworker of my husbands recently started selling eggs to us, finally a steady supply of fresh eggs! We are very thankful!

  5. This looks divine for breakfast!

  6. These look so yummy! wow...Great Blog! Keep yup the fantastic stuff