Monday, November 14, 2011

Coconut Flour...

As a gluten-free eater...
substitutions must be made when cooking or baking

coconut flour is a good sub when wheat flour is a no-no...
so, when I make coconut milk...
I don't throw out the coconut fiber after the liquid is squeezed out

It gets put on a cookie sheet...
and dried in a low temperature oven until it's completely dry to the touch...
but, not brown

I put the dried fiber in a food processor...
and pulverize it until it is soft and fine

it will feel like holding cotton in your hands

I keep my coconut flour in the freezer to keep it fresh

if you cannot come by a coconut...
you can make your own flour with store-bought coconut flakes...
just make sure it is un-sweetened

you can make coconut milk with it before pulverizing into flour...
you'll get the best of both worlds that way...
milk and flour

most people use hot water to "milk" their coconut flakes...
you can do it if you like, I don't...
I just put the flakes in a blender, add warm, not hot water till it covers the flakes...
and blend until it looks like mush
pour it into a clean dish towel over a large strainer placed over a bowl...
( you can view my coconut milk post for more detailed views )
and squeeze the towel till no more liquid comes out

then, you can use the fiber to make the flour
 a good and healthy alternative for gluten-free (and non-gluten-free) eaters

May the Lord bless your day, or night.


  1. Thank you sooooo much for this post! My daughter is starting Chemo next week and her naturopath has had her on a gluten free diet even before the test results confirmed her cancer. She loves to bake so this will be a huge help in keeping things as 'normal' as can be. xo

  2. I never heard of such a thing? Is it something you can buy in the market place?

    Thanks for your recent comment on My Blog

    Take care and have a wonderful week :-)

  3. Yes, Ron, you can buy coconut flour in the market.

  4. I have been learning more about gluten free diets, as per some of my students. I had not really thought of coconut flour. Interest.

  5. Thank you for sharing. I will have to pass this on to friends who are on gluten free diets. One in particular loves doing things herself, she will love this!

  6. I love your post. I have purchased coconut flour at the health food store... but I love the idea of doing it yourself; I'm sure the fresher the better. Thanks for the info; you have some wonderful ideas that you share.

  7. As I posted on my blog...our daughter found out she has Celiac Disease...and I now have to figure out how to cook very differently from what I'm use to. I will be visiting you often.

    Do you have a follower button?