Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Little of This and That

He's been putting in quite the hours on the front veranda

we decided lattice will work fine along the bottom part for railing...

because as this little hen will demonstrate to you...

if we don't have a way to keep out chickies...
we will get to step on what they leave behind
not exactly good companions for front porch conversations

so, chickies...
you are seeing the last of your crossing over days to the other side of the cottage...
using our veranda as a bridge to your foraging journeys

David Goodman of blog gave us some kale seeds...
a few years ago

I sowed them in seed trays then transplanted the seedlings under papaya trees...
in the vegetable garden

(they take on a lovely glow in the sunshine)

this is the result of those seeds...
and I am well pleased with them

so, of course, I am now harvesting the seed pods as they dry on the plant...
(you can see a tiny seed inside one of the pods below in my hand)

because I will be planting lots more of these

thank you, David! 

I've been working on growing my herbs

and so far, so good

even a couple of stevia seeds grew for me...

and once again, I will be harvesting the seeds for more sowing

I am a bit mystified as to what plant this is
it grew along with one of my seedlings and looked so much like a strawberry plant...

I decided to leave it alone and see what it turns out to be
it looks like strawberry but is not growing tendrils like one
if you know what it is, I'm all ears

and because we do get a dry season during the year...
my husband has set up a watering system for the garden and fruit trees

he took pvc pipes...
hooked them up to come down from the river...
(we are able to use gravity for this)

down into our garden...
put a shut off valve on it and a faucet...
fastened two long water hoses onto the faucet...

and voila!
we are able to take that very long hose wherever it's needed...

and give our trees some nice long drinks of nutritious river water
we don't have to worry the water will run out or cost us monies...
because the springs from the mountains does all the supplying...
for free

we like that

of course, with dry hot weather...
the watering system for the chickies is not forgotten

I've got three in various areas for their convenience

we've been eating quite a bit of papayas lately from our trees

this particular tree...

has got some of the biggest papayas we've had yet...
and they aren't ready to pick still

the milk supplies have not dwindled in spite of dry season
it helps to have free range goats that know where to forage

and even though she is a goat...
Darla's little doeling, Sochi, has become quite a ham

she thinks she ought to be part of the action...
to make sure she gets a bit of attention, too

the fun part of homesteading

May your day or night find peace in the grace of the Lord.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Long Ago (and far away)

Feels like it's been some time since last posting...

but, the good excuse is...
we've been busy getting things done that needed doing

our driveway is now finished
we had the tiff packed down good and hard
concrete is not our style
we prefer the something softer

my husband recently got around to painting the shed

and he took my suggestion to paint it in green and white stripes

the green is the same color as our cottage

the bridge is finally completed

it took a year to get to this point
but, now, let the rains come
we can now get from one side to the other when the river rises

and now, my husband is working on getting up that front veranda
it'll make the front of the cottage just a bit more friendly looking

after a year of searching...
we finally got internet service
how sweet it is

this pretty little hen had her first brood during all these things
but, the puffball in the middle...

 is blind

she sees perhaps a bit of shadow and movements...
and I know she can see the color yellow

but, as little as she can see which is not much...
she has been getting along
she follows her siblings pretty well
and they keep her company pretty well, too

I do not know how it will turn out as they get older
we shall see

and I'll try to get back on track with postings

May your day or night find delight in the grace of the Lord.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Cottage

It seems I promised in an earlier post that you would...
have a tour of our cottage

so, if you are interested in what our little home looks like...

here is how we live in our cottage

you have seen the front and back and much of the yard on which it sits

I did mention that we will be putting up a front porch in the future...
as soon as the bridge over the river is finished
we will need the bridge to bring over the items for the building of the porch

I love that this cottage versus the last one sits fully on the ground
makes life a little easier that way when one is getting older

coming in through the front door and to the left is the doorway to our bedroom

the bedroom is 10 by 10 square feet...
just enough for a king size bed and 2 small end tables
it's all we need in there

on the left of the room is my husband's "valet"...
where his town clothes are kept

just another view

to the right of the bedroom is the doorway to the bath area
we keep a pair of lace curtains in that opening; no door

the bathroom is also 10 by 10 sq feet

showers are what we like, no bathtubs
it suits us best to run off after work dirt on the farm...
not to sit in it

I love having a window to look out of when in the shower
and it brings in plenty light which is appreciated

this is the hallway in the bathroom
and of course, loving glass blocks...
we had the tile installer put those in for light

we just have a small sink for face and hand washing...
and a shelf on each side of it for toiletries

across from the sink is the closet for clothing
in lieu of dressers, we put in shelving for underthings

to the right of the closet is the linen closet that also holds bath supplies
it is simply shelving and I covered the opening with a lace curtain

the toilet area is very simple with a shelf across the wall

this room also has windows for light and openess

I also put up a small cabinet to hold various items

we are standing in the breezeway
this room is 15 by 20 feet
it is screened in and a metal grid was put in for security

in the breezeway, you can see the 2 doorways across from the bedroom...
that lead to the kitchen and dining areas

the left side of the breezeway leads to the back yard...
and you can see where we sometimes relax after a day's work

we often watch news we downloaded from youtube news channels...
documentaries and sermons
it helps our brains to start shutting down for the evening...
after lots of activities on the homestead

inside the right doorway...
we come into the dining area where we also...
have a tiny "den" area for my husband to put his feet up...
and listen to the radio

it's also a 10 by 10 sq feet room and the windows make it airy and light

so now, we are looking at our dining area and part of the kitchen

the kitchen is once again, 10 by 10 sq feet
just the right size for us

I made my own dish drainer with left over wood...
and bought a vinyl tray to put under it
I cut off the one end of the tray so the water could drain into the sink

in lieu of cabinets, we put in shelves
it saved up monies and I rather like the look of shelves in the kitchen
kind of makes it look a bit more old fashioned

we put in a medium size freezer and instead of a full refrigerator...
we got a small drink cooler (on the left side) to keep perishables
it does the job nicely and I make ice in the freezer

another view of the kitchen from the back of it

I love to hang my iron pots (my favorite kind) on the wall
I simply put thick nails in to hang them

I use the walls on either side of the screen door to the outside...
as a pantry

I had the carpenter make the counter tables unattached from the walls...
and with wheels to be able to move them around for convenience

another view towards my cooking area

my husband had just brought in the milk...
so I was straining it and putting it away

my dogs always get a little...
and so do I
so good fresh from the cow

this is the back from off the porch and where my herb garden...
is slowly being built up
my husband put a striped roof of solid and clear roofing for shade and light

I love this area
it's where I do laundry and putter around with my potted herbs
the dogs also love lying around in this area

to the left of the back porch is a home made seat that is large enough...
to actually nap on
which we rarely do but, it's nice to have a seat to relax on

I put in a tiny garden with blocks to carry some of the herbs

I have 2 grapevines planted along the edges of the herb garden
we shall see if they give us fruit in the future
they have been doing really well and growing fast

I do believe that is pretty much it
hope you enjoyed it and that this tour gave you a little of how we live...
in our little cottage

we live simply and with very little
we see no value in having things that do not have a use in our daily living

having too many things and too much of them can be a burden...
and it sure does make for less cleaning

if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comment section
I will gladly answer them