Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Little of This and That

He's been putting in quite the hours on the front veranda

we decided lattice will work fine along the bottom part for railing...

because as this little hen will demonstrate to you...

if we don't have a way to keep out chickies...
we will get to step on what they leave behind
not exactly good companions for front porch conversations

so, chickies...
you are seeing the last of your crossing over days to the other side of the cottage...
using our veranda as a bridge to your foraging journeys

David Goodman of blog gave us some kale seeds...
a few years ago

I sowed them in seed trays then transplanted the seedlings under papaya trees...
in the vegetable garden

(they take on a lovely glow in the sunshine)

this is the result of those seeds...
and I am well pleased with them

so, of course, I am now harvesting the seed pods as they dry on the plant...
(you can see a tiny seed inside one of the pods below in my hand)

because I will be planting lots more of these

thank you, David! 

I've been working on growing my herbs

and so far, so good

even a couple of stevia seeds grew for me...

and once again, I will be harvesting the seeds for more sowing

I am a bit mystified as to what plant this is
it grew along with one of my seedlings and looked so much like a strawberry plant...

I decided to leave it alone and see what it turns out to be
it looks like strawberry but is not growing tendrils like one
if you know what it is, I'm all ears

and because we do get a dry season during the year...
my husband has set up a watering system for the garden and fruit trees

he took pvc pipes...
hooked them up to come down from the river...
(we are able to use gravity for this)

down into our garden...
put a shut off valve on it and a faucet...
fastened two long water hoses onto the faucet...

and voila!
we are able to take that very long hose wherever it's needed...

and give our trees some nice long drinks of nutritious river water
we don't have to worry the water will run out or cost us monies...
because the springs from the mountains does all the supplying...
for free

we like that

of course, with dry hot weather...
the watering system for the chickies is not forgotten

I've got three in various areas for their convenience

we've been eating quite a bit of papayas lately from our trees

this particular tree...

has got some of the biggest papayas we've had yet...
and they aren't ready to pick still

the milk supplies have not dwindled in spite of dry season
it helps to have free range goats that know where to forage

and even though she is a goat...
Darla's little doeling, Sochi, has become quite a ham

she thinks she ought to be part of the action...
to make sure she gets a bit of attention, too

the fun part of homesteading

May your day or night find peace in the grace of the Lord.


  1. I like your homestead and all your vegetables and papayas and the pretty white goats. That is handy how you set up a gravity feed water supply from the river.

    1. Thank you, Terra Hangen, for coming by and commenting.

  2. You two are busy there on your farm. I look forward to seeing your porch latticed in to keep the chickies out. :-)

    Your herbs, and everything else looks great. Love it that you can have gravity fed water for your needs. That's a blessing.

    Have a great day and thank you for sharing bits of your life.


    1. Always good to 'see' you, Lorraine! Hope your day is wonderful.

  3. beautiful.. pictures around your house are like fresh fragmented breeze from the jungle. far away from our crowded metropolitan cities.. keep it up jean..

    1. Thanks, Kaivi! You have an interesting name. I like it.

  4. Beautiful! And I love your Does, Your little Doeling's face is lovely!!! Not a strawberry, checked mine and the ending branch is a three leaflet with no branching off on each stem. Thank you for sharing, I Love your irrigation system, your property is a God Given GIFT

    1. Thank you, VictorianLady8 for coming by and commenting.

  5. Always a breath of fresh beauty and peace to read your posts, Jean! Peacefilled as heaven on earth can be! I know we all appreciate your time to share your mostly tranquil life and nature with us!!
    Not sure what your strawberry look alike plant is....

    1. Glad you dropped by again, Villarosa. I appreciate your comment.

  6. Any land for sale around there? I am very envious of your garden.

    1. Heh, there's always land for sale here, Ian. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Your plant is probably a wild strain of strawberry. I have alpine strawberries. They do not grow runners. They grow from seed instead. The strawberries are much smaller than regular ones, but they have SOOOO much more flavor and are sweeter.


    1. Hello, Kimberly! That's interesting about the plant. I will look it up and see how mine stack up to wild strawberries. I'll be keeping a watchful eye to see if anything fruit come up. Thanks for coming by and for the info.

  8. Hello Jean,
    We are just heading into winter here in our part of Eastern Australia. Always so nice to visit your blog. Such a peaceful area you live in. Your home is looking lovely and I know you'll enjoy having your morning tea on that lovely verandah.
    Blessings Gail.