Long Ago (and far away)

Feels like it's been some time since last posting...

but, the good excuse is...
we've been busy getting things done that needed doing

our driveway is now finished
we had the tiff packed down good and hard
concrete is not our style
we prefer the something softer

my husband recently got around to painting the shed

and he took my suggestion to paint it in green and white stripes

the green is the same color as our cottage

the bridge is finally completed

it took a year to get to this point
but, now, let the rains come
we can now get from one side to the other when the river rises

and now, my husband is working on getting up that front veranda
it'll make the front of the cottage just a bit more friendly looking

after a year of searching...
we finally got internet service
how sweet it is

this pretty little hen had her first brood during all these things
but, the puffball in the middle...

 is blind

she sees perhaps a bit of shadow and movements...
and I know she can see the color yellow

but, as little as she can see which is not much...
she has been getting along
she follows her siblings pretty well
and they keep her company pretty well, too

I do not know how it will turn out as they get older
we shall see

and I'll try to get back on track with postings

May your day or night find delight in the grace of the Lord.