Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Bright and Shiny Morning...

This morning...
my husband cut down bunches of green bananas...
to take to market

one of the stalks stood at nearly 6 feet tall with nearly 4 feet of hands on it

the market prefers to have the bananas brought in green
once ripe, they tend to over-ripen quite quickly in tropical climates...

while my husband was busy with getting ready to take in the bananas...
the honeybees were busy gathering nectar 

and I took up an armful of prepared water jugs into the kitchen garden...

to put into the ground as a makeshift irrigation system for my thirsty tomato plants

with 3 holes drilled into the bottle cap...
and the bottom cut to within a half inch to make a "lid"...
I can easily lift the lid and pour water into the bottle...
put the lid down again...
and still keep the honeybees out that might otherwise fall in and drown
the lid also keeps the water from evaporating too quickly
if you look closely in the photo below, you can see the lid on the right lifted up...
but still attached to the bottle to keep the lid from being blown off by the breeze
the cap part goes down into the ground about 4 to 5 inches

with the dry season upon us...
the plants need hand-watering and I would like the new tomatoes...
to come out looking like this morning's tomatoes from the older plants

earlier this morning...
Mimi was being chased down by a young roo

she flew up to the sink where I was washing rags...
and she said "help"
that's the roo in the background, the naughty boy

well, no fear, Mimi dear...
Big Red is on his way to rescue you

and sure enough, Big Red shooed the young roo off to the distance...
who happens to be his offspring and looking much like Big Red

Big Red gave his victory crow after that

Pippi, the little hen that just may be...
we're waiting to see...
decided to take a roost on my arm...

and snuggled down quite comfortably on my arm
she is a bit spoiled, you see...
and I often have to give her a bit of a gentle shake to get back down again

after all...I can not possibly sit all day long just to give her...
a comfy place to lounge on

and our sweet little Dottie...
who sadly lost a week old chick two months ago to a nasty mongoose...
when she ventured out into the woods with her baby...
(you'll forgive me that I cry when such a thing happens...
although I can say with gladness that it rarely happens at all)
she went back to brooding and I gave her a layer egg to sit on

and yes, she is so...very...carefully...watching over this little puffball...
and hopefully will stay close to the cottage and out of the woods while...
baby is growing
I will try my best to help her remember to stay out of the woods
the mama hens usually do and somehow...
Dottie forgot

Teach me thy way, O Lord,
and lead me in a plain path,
because of mine enemies.
Psalm 27:12

May your day or night be led in the plain path of God's grace.


  1. Nice photos! Excellent garden! delicious looking tomato ( I like tomatoes right off the vine, hot from the sun!
    Sorry the mongoose got the little chicky.

    1. Mark, tomatoes right off the vine is one of my favorite fruits to eat. Thanks for your compliments!

  2. Jean, have you ever thought of making a children's book from your blog? They have software for making your own custom blog-to-book - I think it would be a wonderful gift. I would totally buy them for my grandkids!!! (Loved your ingenious recycling program too :)

    1. Diane, I never heard of the blog-to-book software. Hmmmm, maybe I ought to look into it. You gave me such a nice compliment. Thank you, sister.

  3. Beautiful picutures again. And an ingenious irrigating system for the tomatoes. Both Big Red and Dottie are so beautiful. Such a pity Dottie lost a little chick. Let's hope she stays close to home now.

    1. Mirian, I'll be keeping my eyes on mama hen and chick. Thanks for your comments and coming by!

  4. Sweet Dottie. I know she was trying her very best.

    1. Michelle, thanks for coming by and commenting, again!

  5. Oh the wonderful little dramas on the farm!!

    1. Sharon, we do get quite a lot of dramas here. Better than cable tv : ) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  6. Dear Jean, What a life you guys are blessed with. So close to nature, so pure and vital. I just wish to live at least some years of my life enjoying the same things you show in your pictures. Gardening, pets, hens, flowers and a sense of spirituality in whatever you do.

    Your pics are so soothing to the eyes and to the soul.

    God bless..

    1. Kaivi, perhaps some day you may be able to live a homesteading life. My husband and I spent many years in the rat race before we decided to live on a homestead. It just takes a little planning. Thank you for your comment.

  7. I love starting my work days out first thing by reading your blog. It puts me in a different mind set and makes going to the office not quite so bad. Your posts are a little slice of heaven for this city girl.

    1. Eli, thank you for the sweet comment. I'm glad the posts help you get to the office : )

  8. Lovely read on this blog - and the drama!!
    Tomatoes...welllll....I'm afraid the nearest thing I get to tomatoes off the vine is in our German supermarket over here...they have the best toms around...and when I pick a branch I immediately smell them and it takes me back to visiting my Uncle and Aunt who were wonderful gardners, particularly of veggies and salad things....he used to let me water the tomatoes in the greenhouse....and I had to do it just so or he wasn't pleased...he was so particular about watering.
    Thanks for a lovely read on a morning when we awoke to 3" of snow and it's the Spring equinox...but no heat or hint of Spring here...well, the daffs are up but flattened by snow today...brrr....need some sunshine.

  9. Joyce, I hope you get some warm days soon. That's interesting about your Uncle liking watering done a certain way. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  10. I'm so sorry Dottie lost her chick. She does look sweet; her expression is so gentle. I can tell how much you love your chickens. Your pictures of them are just wonderful. I especially like the one of Mimi on the sink with the laundry behind her.

    I enjoyed this post so much!

    1. Leslie, thanks for coming by and commenting. Your compliments made me smile : )

  11. Lovely photos. I love the soft focus.

    Bananas taste so much better in the Caribbean!

    Hope DOttie does better with her new little chick.