Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Valley is Green

Because we are getting some nice rains...

our little valley is coming into her new greens

it is bringing the promise, once again, of fruits on the trees

while this mango tree sits right outside our bedroom window and the fruit still green...

we have mango trees that already have ripened fruit...
and it is good to be eating mangoes again!
I will soon be making mango tea with the extras

well, my husband has got the veranda almost done

we have two gateways in it and one gate has been made...
and then the veranda will be painted where there is still raw wood
he will be putting the extra panels to cover the openings under the house
they need a little refining right now

now, if I could just figure out how to keep the chickens off the railing 
perhaps if I hang potted plants it may discourage them

out in the yard is where I prefer my chickens to be
but, really, my dear birds...

right in the roots of the mango tree?

if they are not pooping on my decks...
they're digging down into tree roots

tis' the life of free range chickens

however! I am happy to report...
I finally am able to keep them out of my herb garden
I tacked up screen onto the posts along the top of the chicken wire and it works

no more getting into my herbs and dust bathing in my pots

before the screen was put up...
Big Red thought he found the perfect shade in my garden...
but, he got booted back out

I can pronounce my herb garden chicken free...
and put my pots on the ground...

without fearing for the lives of my precious herbs

mama hen taught them this one...
and baby puffs dust bathed real good to dig up my ginger in that there pot

so, now that I have my garden back to myself...
the herbs are growing nicely once again...
and tea is being made with the ones with the most leaves

in this case...
I used lemongrass, soursop leaves, citrus leaves...

stevia leaves and one citrus flower

my lemongrass grow outside the herb garden as they tend to grow pretty large

I pour a full pitcher of hot (not boiling) water onto the leaves...
and steep for about 15 to 20 minutes...
then, strained to take out the leaves

the stevia leaves give just enough sweetness...
without having to put in sugars
the tea is put into a bottle and kept on the counter...
and that keeps it at room temperature and easy to reach for
of course, it can be drunk either hot or cold
this tea will be gone by the end of the day

my husband has been bringing the cow into the compound of the cottage...
she has been happily "mowing" the new grass and getting good cow nutrition

the egrets keep her company much to their mutual benefits
the egrets keep Ruthie Moo Moo tick free...
and they get to eat any other bugs that spring up from Moo Moo's munching...
which disturbs the insects' once peaceful environement 

I do believe these two are a pair

I think they are rather beautiful

and this morning, I made salt fish souse for my husband's breakfast
first the cured salt fish was skinned
soaked in water for a couple of hours to take out the salt...
and deboned
then, diced tomatoes and onions were added
two cloves of chopped fresh garlic mixed in
and olive oil drizzled into the mix till well coated
tossed in a bit of black pepper and thinly sliced large cuban oregano leaf

May your day or night find grace in the Lord.


  1. It's all looking lovely, Jean. We have chickens too, and they do get into everything! They are very good layers though, and we try to train them to stay out!

    The Veranda looks wonderful!

  2. Hello Jean, so nice to see all the updates! Yes chickens get into everything, so my hens stay in their pen most the day and only out in the very late afternoons. Really lovely photos! Blessings, Roxy

  3. I so enjoyed seeing all your beautiful photos. Your post are always so much fun to read.
    Happy Lord's Day to you.

  4. Hi Jean I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your posts about your beautiful daily life. But I miss it and I just hope you and yours are well. Looking forward to your next post. God Bless You.

  5. Your herbs looks amazingly fresh! As far as I understood from photos, it looks like during the summer you had been watering trees and herbs every day, and for this you need a good pot. But, you see, there is a great difference between buckets – some of them can go rust in a week, some of them are too heavy even to hold in arms. I recommend you to buy apromera colored metal buckets – they are galvanized, so they will never be damaged. If you buy it, you will definitely be glad.