Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ode to Gurdie...

When Gurdie and Murdle came to our farm...
I couldn't help feeling distress over the treatment of hens on a commercial egg farm

it isn't a good life for commercial chickens and I would love to see more people...
choose to buy their eggs and meat from farmers who are small...
and treat their chickens with more care

large commercial animal farms are not a good place for any animal...
they reek of feces and illness and overcrowding...
poor nutrition, forced to eat what is against their nature...
chemically forced to grow and produce unnaturally
often poorly handled and mistreated by the workers
this is no way to glorify the Lord who created all things for His glory and our benefit

I realize there will be some who mock those that love their animals...
they don't bother me
although animals were given into our hands to care for and use to our benefit...
we also tend to see them in a tender light which brings to mind...
2 Samuel 12 in which Nathan, the prophet sent by the Lord...
 told a story to David of the poor man and his little lamb
Nathan told the story to bring David to a realization of his sin with Bathsheba against the Lord
you can read about it here

and if the tiny sparrow does not fall to the ground without the Father ...
it stands to reason, He also has His purpose in the death of our animal
Jesus Christ speaks of these things to illustrate how much more He loves His people
Luke 12

my husband brought home these two little hens, who were already...
nearing the end of their egg laying days
and I was glad to give them a home where they roam free...
eat what God created their digestive systems to eat
Gurdie had a good life for the remainder of her time
we had her for only 4 short months

Gurdie died in the afternoon of July 3...
we tried to save her and make her well but, she closed her eyes and left us
on this island, we are on our own in treating sick chickens

Gurdie grew on me
here's to Gurdie...the little red hen who could me laugh

May your day or night be blessed in God's grace.


  1. Oh dear.. I'm sorry that you lost Gurdie... but I'm so glad that she was able to spend her last bit of time on your farm being happy, and sharing her cute personality with you all.

    I'm certain that she is eternally grateful to you and your husband, for the kindness that you gave her.

  2. I confess, I was weeping by the end of the video. I was moved by the sweet relationship between the sisters and the rooster's gentle devotion to them both. Poor Murdle, left alone...

    I hope that you and your husband will be comforted in knowing that you gave Gurdie a wonderful life. This tribute to sweet Gurdie is the perfect way to commemorate her life.

  3. I know that it is sad...but you gave her the best place to roam and eat what Our Lord's created for them to eat. I know that they are only chickens, but they are God's creatures and that is what stays in your heart.


  4. Beautiful! I have tears in my eyes. I wish there were more people like you who understood how much animals feel for each other. They definitely have guardian angels - you and your husband!

  5. i came to your site from content in a cottage.
    you have talked about here, what weighs so heavily on me.
    i became a vegetarian (trying to become vegan) because
    of the treatment of "factory" animals. as if they were
    'things' instead of living breathing beings who feel pain
    and suffering. i buy only eggs (what few i use)from raised cage free.
    i don't understand how we the people let this go on and on and on.
    i've contacted the dept of agriculture and written about it on other
    blogs to help get the word out. but i suppose it's all about MONEY.
    so nothing will change for these poor creatures. thank God for all
    the people like you.
    tammy j

  6. awe, that is very precious -the ode to Gurdie. Your post makes me want to surely add a couple hens to our back yard to roam and play, and have fresh eggs.

    That is aweful that the beaks are burned to control their eating :(

    I hope Gurdie's sister will soon find her way. (I would have cried to if my little 'Gurdie' had passed away. -somethimes I wonder what it will be like if our little kittycat ever has to leave us the same way too)

  7. It is always so sad, even devastating, to lose an animal one has poured so much of themselves into. If only there were more folks who cared as much. We wouldn't have such mistreatment of animals if we did.

  8. You are right that some people don't understand a person's love for animals and that is so sad. I have known some people with that attitude which made me feel sorry for them. I am so glad that Gurtie and her sister found a place to live with people who have loving hearts. I understand the closeness between them because my two dachshunds are sisters and are together constantly. I had a scare last week because one of them hurt her back and was in terrible pain. I was very afraid she would have to be put to sleep but the meds and rest (and prayers) have apparently put her back in good shape. She seems her silly self now. Her sister sensed that something was wrong and didn't even try to bother her. That's one reason why I don't understand how people can be cruel to animals. They are not just like we humans but they certainly have feelings and experience pain and loss. Didn't mean to go on and on but you hit a soft spot with me. Heehee ------- Shannon

  9. Oh goodness, this was sweet and sad, too. Such a wonderful ending to her life after such a terrible beginning. I'm so glad for people like you who love animals like I do! I'm a softie for animals, too. I think God placed the animals in the garden for Man to take care of - not to mistreat - especially when they provide us food. So glad your Gurdie girl had such a great place to finish her life out!

  10. AMEN siser preach it. I hate commercial practices for raising animals. horrific.
    Save some younger chickens and give them good life!

  11. this made me cry I will no longer buy store eggs!!!!!!!!!!I know it is hard for you all especially her friends.

  12. Oh I am so sorry about your chicken. I am a new mom to four pullets who should be laying anytime now. I know some may think I am nuts but I care for my girls with great attention and am trying to keep them goin in our heatwave. I am out there several times a day giving them frozen treats and lots of water and keeping them cool. I will be so happy when they start laying and I know where my eggs came from.

  13. I'm sorry to hear about little Gurdie. I so agree with you regarding the improper treatment of animals. The proverbs say "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel." Proverbs 12:10

    And Charles Spurgoen said, "Mr. Rowland Hill used to say that a man was not a true Christian if his dog and his cat were not the better off for it. That witness is true."

    Your pets are blessed! :)

  14. Jean, this is the most beautiful tribute to one of God's creatures that I have ever read! I so agree with you on the sadness of the commercial farms... it's hard to believe we've lived to a day where their little lives are so unimportant to the people supposedly caring for them.
    I loved the video, especially when Gurdie had her first experience outdoors... did you see the movie Chicken Run? That's what it reminded me of! :)
    Hugs to you for your compassion.

  15. Paula, I did see Chicken Run some years ago. I was glad to give Gurdie a new life that she enjoyed. Thank you for your comment!