Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mathematical Laundry Soap...

On our island...
we get in many imported detergents...
and almost none are to my liking

I don't care for the unnecessary amounts of ingredients that don't make laundry cleaner...
and only add toxic chemicals into our bodies as well as being ineffective, costwise

we do get in the Jamaican made blue laundry soap that does a satisfying job of cleaning...
and instead of bleach, I use the small squares of blueing 
I make these go a long way for me and here's how

I grate the cake of blue soap on the small grater holes...
and usually 3 bars at a time...
3 bars will make me enough for 30 loads of laundry washings

it makes a beautiful pile of soft tiny flakes that will be easy to melt without a pot

I store the flakes in a jar with a lid and keep a tablespoon in it for measurements

Please note!
I do not use the flakes in the washer, they will only get stuck in the laundry so...

to make my liquid laundry soap...
I put two tablespoons into a 24 oz size jar...
which is a good manageable size for shaking

the jar is filled with hot tap water to about about 3/4 full

like so...
this is to give the foam room and doesn't build up pressure in the jar when shaken

the jar is shaken just until the soap flakes get to melting...
then, the jar is set aside overnight and the soap will continue to melt into liquid form...
it will have a slight jell effect to it...
and when I go to do a wash...
I catch some of the hot water coming into the washer to fill the jar up...
and shake to melt the jell
I use one full jar for a load of wash and need nothing more
after all, it's already a laundry soap

the blueing square is simply put into a 16 oz size jar with some hot tap water...
allowing it to completely melt
I use about 2 tablespoons per load...
and I dilute it heavily before putting that into the washer as it fills with water

and the math?

the tiny cake of blueing is about 40 cents per square...
and gives me 15 loads

at 35 cents a blue laundry soap bar...
which gives me 10 loads of wash without all the chemicals and unwanted fragrances...
well, it cost almost next to nothing in soap, which spells...
sweet savings

May the Lord bless your day or night.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I make my own laundry detergent too, but have never used the blueing soap....I use something called Fels Naptha....I'l have to do a bit of comparing!..but I add some drops of lavendar oil,....I love that fragrance! :)

  2. Even your soap is pretty on the island! Our daughter makes her own soap too with the Fels Naptha that Keri mentioned.

  3. My grandmother used this soap, and it was wonderful!

  4. WOW~ this sounds wonderful!

  5. I make our own laundry detergent too!

  6. I know you are doing a post on laundry soap.......but I have to tell you......your pictures are beautiful! I feel like I am there. I just started making my own......I would love to come to your farm and walk through it making yours!!!!!!!!!! Oh the miles that are between us......HEAVEN.....but we won't be making soap.....will we? Smile.

    Hugs to your day sweet friend! Momma's are hatching their eggs. I will be putting up a pic this morning. He is black with a white spot on his head, fluffy and completely adorable!

  7. Thanks for the tips - I am going to give it a go!


  8. Thank you for sharing this laundry soap tip! The blue is so pretty all ground up! Makes for a very lovely photo!

  9. I have friends that make their own soap but I haven't taken the time to learn how. Great tutorial. Thanks for the lesson on making laundry soap - that's quite a savings -and you've so beautifully presented the process. I'm thinking this would make a great mother's gift project for my students. Thank you.
    Great post!

  10. Thanks for sharing your laundry soap tip. I am from Jamaica and am very familiar with the blue cake soap. I am happy to see it being used in the way that you showed. I am reminded of how wonderful the soap is. Which island in the carribean are you?

    1. Arlene, we live on Grenada. I love using the blue cake soap from Jamaica. Thank you for visiting my blog!

    2. Your blog is wonderful

  11. Thank you for sharing. Someone posted a FB photo of BLUE and I went searching for what it was. I believe I will try to find how to purchase this now. It sounds awesome. I don't like using bleach. Thanks again.

    1. Unknown, you should be able to find it on the internet if you can't find it in stores close to you.

  12. Can anyone offer any tips on how to use it in a front loader washing machine? Thank you. Love your photos too!

    1. Maggie, I have never had a front loading machine but, looking it up, the recommendation is to use half the amount of detergent in the load. I liquefy my soap by putting it in a bottle and letting it sit overnight. For a front loader, I would try one tablespoon of flakes to a quart of warm water, making sure the soap has melted completely, then putting the liquid into the machine.