Monday, March 26, 2012


This is Shadow...

he learned to stop chasing the chickens...

he learned to stop jumping the fence and gates...

but, he hasn't learned to stop chasing the sheep and goats

that's right, Shadow, for shame 

we almost gave you away...
what were we thinking

somehow, together...
we will learn how to deal with the livestock

you were meant to be our dog, Shadow...
but, it was a close call...

there is hope...
a local dog trainer said...
"oh, that is an easy one to fix"
he will help us help Shadow

good thing...
because, Shadow was almost given away
I wouldn't have forgiven myself

stay, Shadow, stay

May your day, or night be blessed with the Lord's grace.


  1. He has such a cute face, and those eyes, so beautiful! I do hope he can be helped and that he learns to obey. Shadow, we're believing in ya', knowing that your loyalty to your master will cause you to do what's right and leave the goats and sheep alone.

    I just read your news in the comment you left. Congratulations!!! How very exciting for you all! What a tremendous blessing for your family.

  2. It one point I was ready to get rid of Sheba. Glad I didn't (most of the time) :-)

  3. Oh my goodness, Shadow, that was a close call. You had better behave from now on. It's hard sometimes to be good. You have a very good home so don't blow it, ok?

  4. Oh my, you could never say goodbye to that sweet face...Never! - Shadow, make sure to work very hard with your new teacher and make your mom and dad proud! xo

  5. your Shadow....I love it

    Shadow must be like our Bella: part Border Collie? She does this too - can't wait to see how your trainer fixes this
    Anne Marie

  6. We have a kitty named Shadow, we don't have any problem with him... Your Shadow is so sweet!

    Just be patient and have faith that he will come around!

  7. Ahhh, Shadow is so sweet. So good that the dog trainer knows a few tricks. :)
    Hugs & a happy week to you,

  8. Shadow is so adorable. May he learn his lesson soon so he won't be in the doghouse anymore.

  9. What a sweetie. So glad he is forever in your home.

  10. Awe Shadow is a cute pup! ...We just had to let one of our pet cats go to a new home. We had her for almost a year so it was a hard goodbye. But, I know (hope) she's doing okay. I never used to understand how pet animals become so attached, but now I do!
    Blessings :)