Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Count of 3 Crows...Groan!...

please tell me this isn't a rooster!

I mean, really...
these two "hens"... I thought, I think?
are supposed to be hens...
you know...the ones that lay the eggs.
Well...then...what are they crowing about!!

Okay...I realize there really are hens that crow...
because I checked with others who know on this subject...
but, how did I end up with two crowing hens and a rooster?!
We are scratching our heads over this and hoping upon hope...

that these are two hens that just like to crow for...
whatever reason.
I'm waiting for those eggs, hens.
yes, you had better be hens. I'm waitiiiiiing.............
These two hens?...roos?...
were the ones I posted in an earlier post.
It didn't take long for them to get big...
but, we woke up in the wee, wee hours of a morning to an echo from our rooster.
Only, it was no echo...
no, it was a poor, strangling, scratchy imitation of our rooster.
I lay in bed on a much too early morning as yet...
straining my ears to pick out just what was going on with this "strange echo".
When I heard it again later in the day, I couldn't believe my eyes.
There standing with her, or his? chest high...
was my one, then two! hens...or roos?...
croaking up some pathetic crows.

They were so cute as chicks.

I've got to apologize for the poor excuse of photography here.
If I don't find a new camera soon...
I'm the one who is going to be crowing.

Ah well...such is life.
Please do, have a crowing great day, or night :)


  1. Top two pics, roosters, bottom pic, hen.

  2. Wow! I don't know what Mark sees... I know nothing about this sort of thing. I just look underneath them. If there's an egg.. hen. If it attacks me... rooster. :) Keep us posted. Maybe we'll all learn a little something!

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. Oh no! I have an abundance of hens right now, but even the experts at the chick factory mistook too many of them to be roosters!

  4. Well,
    I just went through this with my 6 'hens' and two were roosters that I had to give back.

    There are all kinds of things out there on how to tell a crowing hen from a bona fide rooster.
    Here's what I know:
    Look at this list. The more characteristics the bird has, the more it's probably a rooster:
    1. more aggressive behavior than others/ fronts other birds and raises neck feathers
    2. crows first thing in the morning and throughout the day
    3. red areas larger and well-developed around face at 8 months of age
    4. larger curved tail feathers start to develop
    5. Roosters will start to 'jump' on hens as part of their mating habits
    6. And MOST importantly:
    ONLY roosters start growing a thin, lacy, stringy, glossy set of feathers along and down sides of the saddle of their back just in front of the part that curves back up to the tail. These 'saddle feathers' can be any color and at first they aren't very noticable. They will end up growing long and 'hanging' off the sides of the rooster. Once they start developing these AND crowing then it's certain you have roosters.
    Best wishes for hens!!!
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)


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