Friday, September 9, 2011

Keeping it White...

No matter what other colors I've tried...
it always comes back to white

my most color favorite for cottages

Have a great day, or night.


  1. I love how the white on the table brings out the pretty!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. It's hard to beat the clean fresh look of white decor and furniture in a home :-)

  3. I love white, and this is surely beautiful furniture.

    During the last all white craze of the eighties, I had a high ceiling antique apartment, filled with all white. Cotton sheets from my Grandfather, hung from the was beautiful.

    I was a single girl, now I am married, and at this stage I don't know if I want to repeat it again. Cream, softer and warmer in our climate is more to my liking now.

  4. I do love all of your white. Don't know if we'll ever do that much white, but I've added more here and there, and I love it! If we ever build a small home, it'll be based upon a white theme. It's classic to me. Have a blessed weekend friend!

  5. The White on White is gorgeous but OH I could not do that I am a color girl lots of color everywhere :) but then with 2 dogs and 3 kids color is very forgiving of their footprints on the house ~It is beautiful though and very pretty ~ Enjoy it for me please hehehe ~Love Heather