Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vine Allure...

Come on in for a little garden treat...

You can have the diamonds...
I'll have the flowers, please

the flower vine I planted by my potager gate...
is bursting with gorgeous "lilac pink" 
(that sounds prettier than "purple")
trumpet flowers of some kind
pretty terrible, isn't it? when I can't even name flowers in my own garden
they are probably just what they are...purple trumpets
enlighten me if you know

they add so much vibrancy around the green foliage and brown wood

they do have an interesting way of opening up...
kind of like they want to stay asleep a little while longer

never really coming out of their dreamy state

looking a little shy...
to come out fully and play with the world around them

it seems to be part of the nature of this pretty vine flower...

and I love it
this one below dropped right back to sleep for more dreams

and while the flowers were lazily looking pretty...
this sweet creature was captured with his wings coming up

the honey bees were busy...
and I managed to catch this one in the act

go right ahead and take that nectar back to the hive, tiny bee...
you'll be sharing that honey on Pilgrim's Farm soon

okay, one more shot of that lilac pink trumpet, please
ah yes...
they are raising their pretty little heads towards the garden to see what they can see

all of this is the glorious handi-work of God!
yes indeed...
you can have the diamonds...
I'll have the flowers

May your day, or night be filled with God's glorious grace.


  1. We have those purple flowers here! I never knew they were lilacs!
    (I never wondered)

  2. Wow these are WONDERFUL pictures!!
    I am really enjoying visiting here ;-)
    Blessings, and Hugs, Linnie

    (I'll take flowers over diamonds too)

  3. Lovely pictures, makes me wanna be there right now!

  4. Beautiful lilac pink flowers! That lovely color livens up all the other colors around it!
    Your other pictures are beautiful as well!