Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Thumb-Twiddling Post...

Just a few photos today

a leaf that drips dew in the morning

to the pomegranate tree that is heartily growing fruit to look forward to

from the pomegranate tree to pumpkins hiding in the bush
and a little anole lizard watching carefully over it
(that is...watching me carefully)

to my new vanilla vines finally picked up from the nursery
(I love green moss covered pots)

to my dog, Shadow...
who is doing me proud at getting along just fine with the chickens

to our milking goat, Farina, enjoying a treat of green bananas
(she's going to have a kid...or a few months)

to a trio of one of my favorite things...
doves around my cottage

For every beast of the forest is mine,
and the cattle upon a thousand hills.
I know all the fowls of the mountains:
and the wild beasts of the field are mine.
If I were hungry,
I would not tell thee:
for the world is mine,
and the fulness thereof.

so saith the Lord in Psalm 50:10-12
Amen! dear Lord

May your day, or night be filled with God's grace.


  1. I love seeing all the Green here it is all brown and sandy hehehe! God's Grace to you also ~Love Heather

  2. Great photos!
    I was wondering, do the chickens trouble your pumpkins? I was thinking of planting pumpkins but think the chickens will destroy them!

  3. Mark, if the chickens have bothered our pumpkin vines, we haven't noticed. You could try growing them on a fence or trellis to keep the flowers out of reach.

  4. I just had a big 'ol clove of garlic, crushed. With a big bottle of water and a bologna sandwich!