Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Devastating Consequence...And A Correction...!

When I first posted on the beehive destruction, November 4...
I incorrectly said it was caused by a butterfly

The real cause was the  wax moth  which causes the beehive devastation

I did some research on the subject of beehive pest management and realized
the mistake when reading on the subject of the wax moth.

I apologize for the confusion...
and with that, this post has been revised


Too much rain has left it's mark...

it's been difficult to check frequently on the beehives due to all the rain

my husband brought over
one of the beehives from under the cocoa trees

a devastating picture of what happens when these certain creatures
take over weakened beehives...
we believe there was a problem with this hive from so much water
which allowed the wax moth to come in and take over

wax moths are a common pest to the beehives that have become weakened...
most likely due to a disease, weak queen or other cause
that make the bees leave the hive

if you look at the photo below...
you can see the indentations from these creatures

moth larvae which feed on the honeycombs

the wax moths
had taken to laying their eggs in one of our beehives...

if nothing else...
the chickens had a feast on the larvae

a young man who has beehives and experience of his own...
kindly came over and helped us check the other beehive for larvae
he knows what to look for and happily...

the other beehive is safe

we gave him the salvaged beeswax as payment for helping...
he will use it to build more wax cones for his own beehives 

a learning experience for us...
we are still getting to know about beekeeping

we never knew such a thing could happen with wax moths

we took some of the cones that still had some moth eggs...
and put them in a freezer to kill them off...

the beehive will be rebuilt and a new queen introduced...
and the bee entrance made just a tad smaller...
so the honey bees doing the sentry work will have an easier job at fending off intruders

for more info on this link below

in the meantime...

I opened the door to the chick cage and let them out into the big coop
to enjoy some run around time

and while these chicks entertained themselves with crawling ants...

and flying knats...

I checked out my newest rose on my ever growing rose bush

life on a farm...
there is always something interesting

May your day, or night be blessed with God's grace 


  1. Oh that is terrible! So sorry about your hive. I'm glad the other one is ok though.

    I am going to start my own hopefully soon, (next year or so) and I will remember this potential problem.

    Have a good day :)

  2. Oh No who knew butterflies would do that?? Well hopefully you can prevent that from happening again. ~Sorry about your bees Love Heather
    p.s. those chicks are so cute!

  3. Butterflies? I learned something new today and thank you for sharing!
    Remember the saying: When God closes a door somewhere, He opens a window elsewhere...I looked at that rose and just knew He is with you!
    Hang in there!
    In prayers and thoughts with you,

  4. I never would have thought bees would be suceptible to such an enemy as this. Hope all works out well. Those little chicks are the cutest things! I'm interested to know how you came to live where you do. Maybe you could post about that sometime. Have a great weekend!---Shannon

  5. I'm so sorry for the devastation! Praise God for a neighbour who could give advice and check the other hive.

    On a happier note..your chicks are VERY CUTE!

    blessings from
    Julia (New Zealand)

  6. Sorry to hear about your hive. Living on a farm is full of harsh lessons.

  7. My heart goes out to you with the loss of your bees. We have been through it twice and it is heartbraking. We can keep striving to do better and keep learning and apply wisdom. - Your chicks are so cute, I love it when they get old enough to start goofing around and running and hopping very adorable! xo

  8. oh sorry to hear that happened - for us...we are just praying that they are happy...and enough work to do still- it's getting to be freazing at night so it's a whole other story with that

    have a great weekend despite your tragedy...and what a beautiful rose!

  9. I did not know that butterflies could kill bees.

    Isn't it more proper to say caterpillars? since caterpillars hatch from the eggs, and become butterflies later?

  10. I've never heard of such a thing,but it certainly looked terrible. Poor bees.
    Your chicks look so healthy. Nice to see you are adding to your flock.
    David/ :-)