Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Downy Surprise...

My husband brought home a surprise...

a sweet, tiny bunch of downs dressed in yellow fluff

Foxie girl was very interested...
a bit too interested

her look became too intense for my comfort...
and when her eye pupils get that big...
I keep between her and the object of her intensity

to her credit...
she didn't touch or try to hurt the chicks

the chicks drank...ate...slept

falling asleep where they stood at whatever they were doing

with only 3 chickens to our names...
we needed more to fill our yard

is there anything cuter than a baby of any kind?

May your day, or night be sweet


  1. Aren't they just the sweetest?! - Your Foxie girl was very good to not harm them. - Love the new header!

  2. I recognize "the stare" and would have gotten my dog away at that point too!
    Shoulda let me know, I'da send you some chicks! We have wild chickens running all over!

  3. Aaaaaaah! Oooooooo!
    What dearly Sweeet little fluffs!!!
    Blessings Hugs and Love, Linnie

  4. Hello Pilgrim!(:~P)
    Babies of all kinds are definatly sweet! And I am especially fond of chicks!
    Your Foxie Girl was interested! Perhaps she would be like a dog we once had ~ wanted to mother them (though he was a male!) and put his paw on them to hold them down and wash them with his tongue...until they were dead! All twelve of them! He was very proud of himself to wash and put them to bed! :~/ Now, new chicks are 'cat tv' for my two felines! The love to watch them in their little cage and will 'guard' it all day long (secretly hoping for an escapee!)
    Anyway ~ do enjoy your little flock! You will be rewarded with their funny antics for years.
    Thank you for visiting me at my place. I'm glad you liked my burlap wreath and that you are making one too!

  5. oh they are sooooo cute!! Thanks for sharing the pics! ha they fall asleep in there food hehehehe Have a great week Love Heather

  6. Nice surprise - they are sooo sweet!!!

  7. Oh goodness, they are so sweet! I do love the sights and sounds of baby chicks. So glad you have been blessed w/ such sweetness, and that Roxie behaved herself.