Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Tiny Gem...

This is one I was waiting for...
a very elusive, tiny gem of a hummingbird

Please forgive me the fuzzies...
I had to snap the photos from a respectable distance

but, I'm happy to have caught one of those effervescent winged delights...
maybe someday, I might just get a little closer...
for a better snapshot

isn't he a beauty?

can you find him?
that's how the hummingbird first caught my eye

May your day, or night be effervescent with God's grace.


  1. We don't have any hummingbirds here, but I wish we did. Great shots!

  2. Wonderful bird photos! Please tell me what version your Psalm 72:12 is? I can't find it on:

  3. That is an amazing shot you got of that beautiful bird. We have a humming bird that hangs around our back porch area. It goes so fast that it is difficult to see it's color. They are fascinating creatures. --------Shannon

  4. Great shots and thank you for sharing! I think my favourite is the one where he hides (almost to the top of the right corner) and just flutters...I love to see hummingbirds and we are blessed to have them both here on the island year around (Anna) and in the mountains in summer (Rufus).

  5. Colleen, you may be referring to Isaiah 62:12 in the post "Quiet on Pilgrim's Farm, which is the verse I used. Always the KJV. Most other versions are corrupted. So nice to see you visit :)

  6. Mark, no hummingbirds at all!! I cannot imagine a caribbean island not having any. Maybe there aren't enough blooming plants? Maybe if you planted some flowering plants?

  7. Beautiful photos! We had (Missouri)a few at our feeders and even end of summer there were four babies too!