Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Beauty of Red Onions...

Two foods I like for my "medicine" garden are garlic and onions

when the Lord made onions...

He built these following properties into them:
and packed in a whollop of vitamins and minerals

this red onion is going into my garden

May the Lord grace your day, or night with His mercies.


  1. Hi! this is such good news...this red onion being an anti-inflammatory
    I had no idea.....I have to go look up now how to make this wonderful property of the onion work as an anti-inflamatory

  2. What a sweet little blessing PC. All I ever buy is red onions even if they are a bit more expensive in the store. And coming from your organic tropical farm? I can't even imagine how yummy they must be!

  3. Wouldn't it be boring if God had made all veggies look the same? The beautiful colors and textures help make them taste even better, I think. Love the color of the red onion added to other food. Didn't know about the health benefits. If you are interested, add something from your farm to my Cozy Your Home Party. Anything pertaining to the home is acceptable. I have enjoyed seeing your cottage and farm so I'm sure other people would love it too. Join us if you can.-------- Shannon

  4. We have a nearly identical onion in our 'basket' right now. Except ours isn't a red onion, and the green part is way taller. I'm thinking about putting it in the ground.