Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why We Homestead...

When it was discovered a few years ago that I was not able to tolerate gluten...
the protein in certain grains such as all wheat types, rye and barley...
I knew my world of food would have to change.

It meant being careful of what I brought home from the market...
being careful of where I went to eat...

Wherever gluten products are used,
it is a danger and risk to those with celiac disease.
It's a serious problem because gluten is poison to me.

We also wanted to live on less monies and useless worldy goods...
and downsize to a small, manageable house


with that in mind...
the idea of having our own small farm grew

and one year ago...
we built a tiny cottage and moved unto the farm

Over the course of the year...
we acquired animals for raw milk and eggs...
sowed and planted various trees, vines, roots, and crops that would produce our foods

Except for the established cocoa orchard...
we planted about 90% of the fruit trees on our farm

There isn't anything we didn't try...
the result being in the photos below

In just a year's time...
we grew enough food for us...
for selling...
and to give to those in need

The Lord God has blessed the island with a good growing season throughout the year

A farm means lots of work...
but, pays back in useful dividends for all involved

Leaving the rat race and 9 to 5 job behind...
it has cleared up much more time for us to work with our hands...
and give more time to the studying of God's word

The photos in this post is a picture of what we have done so far

1 farming husband : )

our dogs, Foxie and Shadow

1 cow, 4 female milk goats and 1 sire

3 beehives

4 egg hens, 1 rooster

1 cocoa orchard

sugar cane, cotton, coffee


soursop, watermelon, papaya

pomegranate, cherry, fig

guava, tropical sugar apple, bananas of different species

giant granadilla, sorrel, lime

starfruit, tangerine, tropical golden apple

passionfruit, plantain

plum, pineapple, breadfruit

avocado, mango, nutmeg


lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, basil

anise hyssop, mint, sage

ginger, black pepper, big thyme

vanilla, lemongrass, aloe


eggplant, peas, cucumber

broccoli, bok choy, onion

beets, collards

tania (a root), coconut, cassava (a root)

sweet potato, pumpkin

corn, beans, okra

celery, cabbage, green onion

carrot, dasheen, pepper

lettuce of various kinds

tomatoes of various kinds

New plants we are trying

strawberry, purple grape

Wild grown plants we learned to use as medicinal purposes

bacano, pitibum, black sage

Things we learned to do and use from nature around the farm

foraging for food, using bamboo for various projects 

using the river to water our crops during dry season with a generator

We did not go into homesteading to be more spiritual...
or try to save the earth...
the Lord will do that at His coming

It isn't about being "survivalists"...
God Himself takes care of His people in every circumstance

We don't consider ourselves "self-sufficient"...
our being and existence and sufficiency is in Almighty God

But, we do believe in being good stewards with whatever the Lord gives into our hands to do...
and doing it unto His glory

If He so chooses to bless, we rejoice...
if He chooses to take away or bring trials...
we rejoice in Him and His salvation
and so...
may all glory, honor and power be to the Lord God and Jesus Christ

May the Lord shine His grace on you


  1. What a beautiful summary of a lifechanging year! Looks like the Lord has blessed this change! May He continue to bless you as you follow Him!

  2. What a beautiful and productive year! God bless you and give you many years of good health and joy on Pilgrim's Farm.

  3. You have truly being blessed!


  4. Beautiful!!! Heather told me about you. Where is this gorgeous island?

  5. Wonderful!! and I hear ya I regularly get so sick from food it can be so hard to find actual gluten free food...I have even gotten sick from so called gluten free stuff!! I tend to like cookies and such though where it is easy to get something not so pure I really need to clean up my diet some more. When you have Celiac I know for myself even the smallest amount really is like you said like poison. I think your homestead is wonderful!! and Beautiful and you are blessed!! and I love that you Bloom Where Your Planted :) ~thanks for sharing I enjoyed all the pictures and hearing about your homestead Love Heather

  6. How wonderful to see people that can still take advantage of what God and nature provides in a good way. May your family and your farm always be filled with amazing life and blessings!!!

  7. Awesome! Thank you for sharing a glimps of God's bounty in your corner of His good earth.

    May many more blessings come your way!

  8. Oh, I do love this post! What encouragement to the rest of us who someday hope to grow more of our own food. Your homestead is just gorgeous! And what variety, what a tremendous blessing to be able to grow such a wide variety of foods. There doesn't happen to be any land for sale in your neck of the woods is there???lol

  9. that is so beautifully said -

    what an inspiration you are to me and all who come to read your absolutely wonderful life on God's green amazing where you are - it blows me away - and my husband!!