Monday, April 2, 2012

Banana Sharing...

We do a lot of that on the farm...

as bananas ripen and one by one start to fall...

the myriad of birds come for breakfast, lunch and dinner...

although, not officially invited...

there is no bashfulness on their part to bring themselves...

and at least, they bring their own eating utensils

the beak, that is...
not the knife

I kindly asked if they would leave a few for Pilgrim's cottage dwellers...

so off a few bunches went into the bucket and up the stairs for safe keeping

gotta love the sweet birds

have yourself a handful

*orphaned finches hand raised by me*

May the Lord grace your day, or night with His blessings.


  1. Love the bird photos! Those bananas look yummy!

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  2. What a wonderful surprise ending! How sweet, to have raised baby orphaned finhces. What a sweet picture! You all are so kind to share your bounty w/ your feathered friends!

  3. How very sweet! Love that you raised them by hand. Also love that shot with the bird on the knife!

  4. Lovely photos. So interesting how the birds love bananas! My goats like them too. :)

  5. Well would ya looky there??? A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and ya got four cuties there...seems you've got yourself a fortune sweetie!

    How precious is that! Great pictures!!!

    God bless ya and have yourself an excellent kinda day sweetie!!! :o)

  6. Those baby finches are so so beautiful. So cute that they are white.

    God has truly blessed you..........He is so so good to us!!!!!

    Hugs to you sweet friend!!!!!!

    P.S. It looks like we might get some rain and a Kansas storm. It will be good for the wheat! Please pray no hail.

  7. aww...I love the baby finches! So cute..
    What a blessing to have/share all those bananas, too :0)

  8. aww...I love the baby finches! So cute..
    What a blessing to have/share all those bananas, too :0)

  9. I love bananas as well. We don't grow them this far south but they are still avery cheap fruit here. Those little finches are sooo cute. Will they stay white or will they colour up as they get older?.

    Blessings Gail

  10. Gail, the finches stayed white and they are now happily living in large outdoor aviaries with caring people who could give them outdoor life. I could never keep birds in a cage. For me, birds need lots of room.

  11. I love those tiny bananas! Excellent photos!

  12. Beautiful Pictures!! I keep reading they say you should not eat bananas if your trying to lose a few pounds I still am not sure of the logic of this the sugar content maybe? Oh orphaned finches so sad Momma could not raise them....You will have your hands full there! they sure are cute though;) ...My son loves finches at our house he catches them all the time. Thanks for sharing Love Heather

  13. What a beautiful life you lead... feeding the birds, raising the birds!

    Just beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  14. Mountain Mama, birds really do eat bananas!