Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Me and Big Red...

When the hens get broody...
poor Big Red is abandoned for the art of egg sitting

and this little hen, Penny...
well, she is one brooder to stay clear of when in that mood

Big Red did a two-step for her with an invitation to dance...

ruffled his fancy feathers to tickle her fancy...

and she gave him the angry look...
gave him the ruffles back...
and a growl only a brooding hen can make...
and set herself up on the stair banister...

letting him know with no uncertain terms...
she ain't interested

Big Red obliged with some bewilderment

here, Big Red...
have some more cheese, instead

May your day, or night be pleasant in the grace of God.


  1. Hi,
    It is great to see the magnifient Big Red again. I was hoping he was still around enjoying life in paradise. Happy Easter.
    Islandgirl, USA

  2. Your hens are lovely and what a handsome rooster!!

  3. He is a beauty for sure. My chickens share some similar names Ha ha. I believe it must come from the stories of our childhood. We named our latest Rooster Lenny. Now that's a new one to be sure. Love your pictures.

  4. The main rooster in our yard, Headphones, disappeared while we were in Costa Rica. Now there are two replacing him. The General, and the Wizard. I'll get some photos and post about it. I've been meaning to anyway.

  5. Looks like Big Red is on his own for a while. My Rooster is "Roderick the Red" and his only problem is keeping his 7 hens in check, that's a full time job!

  6. How I absolutely LOVE poor ol' BIG RED! His two-step dance and fluffy feathers were wonderful, made me laugh.... Pretty Penny will come around after she finishes tending to her eggs.

    Big Smiles coming from behing my computer to yours!!!

    And Beautiful shades of 'pink' from the previous post. Lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Deanna

  7. Tee-hee! Sometimes I wonder how you are able to capture all these "memorable moments" on camera. :)

    Great photos!

  8. We have the same dance going on here at our farm.......except the roosters are being not so nice to us human girls. I have to take a stick to shoo them away. They think I am getting to close to their girls. Thought they were!

    Blessings to you on Ressurection Sunday.......He is so Alive here and I can tell with you!!!!!!


  9. Big Red is beautiful! Looks like Penny will make a gentleman out of him yet!lol