Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little is Enough...

When my husband and I downsized to almost bare essentials...
I kept a few things to keep the cottage from looking too bare

after all, I do like my home to be a little cozy...
and I do like pretty things to see when inside the cottage

on our cottage veranda...
we have a small bookcase that houses some favorite books...
like my Jane Austin novels and Little House on the Prairie series

the top of the bookcase is my good excuse for keeping a vase of flowers...
a couple of old books and a nest that once kept a tiny bird that fledged

because I share the cottage with my husband...
frills are not overdone...
but, I love to see a pretty lace covering on the top

my roses are blooming again...
and the pale pink looks awful nice with the color of the terracotta vase

I love colors but...
when it comes to my cottage interior...

the neutrals and the creamy whites with just a splash of green or blue...

do the trick for me

never taking my eyesight for granted...
I thank my God for giving me the blessing of seeing the beautiful things in the world...
such as His nature from the garden

May your day, or night be blessed in God's grace.


  1. Just lovely, Jean. What beautiful roses. I, too, love Austen...what an inviting veranda. Enjoy.
    Grace, Peace and Joy,

  2. Little is enough, and it is so pretty too. I love the bird cage beside the bookshelf too:)

  3. Very beautiful. We downsized recently and I am so glad.

  4. So very beautiful! I remember the first I visited your blog, and it was your color scheme in your cottage that won my heart over. I've always loved your choices, and you are right your roses look so lovely in that setting! The splashes of greenery, the soft pink of the roses stand out so vividly against the creamy white.

  5. Sweet refresh my soul........with your love for our Father! I wish I could come and sit at your table......we would talk much......about His faithfulness! Very beautiful pic's.
    Hugs from my farm to yours,

  6. I love the beauty and simplicity of your cottage. Real elegance often comes by decorating with pretty flowers. After all, can we really improve on God's handiwork? Thank you for sharing the picture of your roses! Blessings to you!

  7. Oh, so peaceful a scene for my Sunday evening stroll through blogland.

    Blessings Gail

  8. Jean, this is a truly lovely post. The roses are beyond beautiful and you are right, they look wonderful in the terracotta urn. I also have the Little House series and have enjoyed them for years. The bookcase on your veranda is a pretty place to house your books and things. Hope you have a great week! --------- Shannon

  9. Peaceful shots....when do we get to see the inside of your sweet cottage???

    Linda :o)

    1. One of these days, Linda, I'll do some photo snaps and post on the cottage interior. Maybe do one room a week. That wouldn't take too many weeks : )