Friday, September 7, 2012

This 'n That of August...

The month of August was busy
and while we got some things done...
a few others are still in the making

our Orphan Annie disappeared for a couple of days...

while we were concerned...
our experienced neighbor farmers reassured us,
"she'll come back...she will go back to the other goats"

she did

my husband found her not far from the other goats, down by the river...
munching bush quite contentedly with no care in the world

yeah, Orphan Annie, you done us some worry for a bit

I noticed that the passionfruit vine has grown so much...
it is now traveling up and over the chicken coop

while I certainly don't mind the fruits showing up...
the vine will need a good pruning to keep it back a bit

I also noticed, it is creeping it's way up the huge Godzilla bamboo tree

while the passionfruit vine has been making it's way around the coop...
mama Penny put in her two pence worth

one is a Rhode Island Red layer (I sneaked that egg under her)...
the other, a brooder like her mama

as of today, they are both looking like future hens

during the month of August...
three pullets made their egg laying debut...
and Lady Jane in the front here thinks there are too many hens sharing her box

she has complained about it...
most notably to Roja, one of the debutant pullets...
and now Lady Jane has taken to laying her eggs in a different nesting box

my husband has made a bench for handy seating under the cottage...
he used what materials were on hand around the farm

while not made for lounging around on...
it is more convenient and comfortable than the pebbles covering the ground

and being the busy, hard working man that he is...
Don has started a new garden for me

this will be a raised box garden enclosed to keep it safe from chickens and dogs

I can see greens, tomatoes, carrots here

I was so glad to see these beautiful guavas on one of the trees...
guavas are quite good in nutritional value as well as taste

we've gotten quite a few guavas in the last couple of months from our trees

my stevia plants are doing well...
and flowering

and seeing these ever so tiny flowers...
I understand why the seeds are small enough to almost need a magnifying glass to see them with

I've got two pots of stevia and have planted a few more seeds

hopefully, they will be coming up and growing just as well as these

I can't help but pick a leaf or two, every now and then, when walking by the plants...
they are delicious to eat as they are

the pumpkin flowers make a sweet, pumpkin tasting treat

I pick the male blooms and quick fry them

my rose bushes are blooming again...
and they sure are pretty to my sight

all these lovely jewels of earthly blessings from the Lord

and may the Lord bless you this day or night with His wonderful grace


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    Just as everything around here, is getting ready to go to bed for the winter, everything around your place is in full blossom.
    How nice to see your garden goodness.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Gorgeous pics. Must be a wonderful place to live.

  3. beautiful just beautiful!! ~Love Heather

  4. Love all your photos - they are so beautiful. I've got a crush on Orphan Annie.


  5. Ha! I've never seen stevia. Breath taking pix as always. Thanks for sharing your gift of showing your beautiful farm. IT always brings a smile of rememberance of God's goodness.

  6. My favorite pic is the freshly plowed field. Our dirt is white marl or solid rock.