Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homemade Cocoa Powder: Pt 1...

We have a cocoa orchard on our Pilgrim's Farm

that makes it convenient for making our own cocoa powder

I thought perhaps you might be interested in knowing how we do this

below, is a photo of the backside of the cocoa orchard...
and you are looking at some of the trees

we know the cacao pods are ready to harvest when they turn a deep yellow or red

my husband takes his cocoa picker and selects the ripe ones...
with Foxie "helping", of course

she loves to go chasing after the falling pod and bring it back up the hill

my husband opens up the pod

to reveal the pulpy seeds

and puts the seeds into a box for "sweating" preparation

the creamy pulp on the outside of the bean is edible...
and quite sweet when the cocoa is fully ripe
(btw, a cocoa seed can only be sown and grown when still wet with the pulp)

Foxie knows how good it tastes

and for her "hard work" of picking up the pods that roll down the hill...
she gets a wee bit of it and will lick the fingers clean

once the beans are in the box...

my husband puts freshly picked green banana leaves...

and carefully covers the beans

he makes sure the leaves cover the beans tightly enough...
to induce them to "sweat" the pulp off

the covering keeps the warmth in and this actually causes the pulp to melt
this process is also known as fermenting the cacao

then, he will cover the fresh leaves with dry ones to keep the green leaves from drying out...
and shrinking to expose the beans to air

the cocoa beans are then set aside and let to "sweat" for at least a week or two...
depending on the weather

after the beans have "sweated" off their pulpy covering and...
dried in the sun for another week or two...
this is what they look like

part 2 of this process coming up later this week

May your day or night be most blessed with God's grace.  


  1. How interesting! thanks for sharing!

  2. How do I get a cocoa tree in my yard?

    1. Mark, is this a serious question, or are you joshing me : )

    2. Yes, I would love to have a cocoa tree.

  3. How wonderful to be able to grow your own cocoa bean trees...I do believe you live in paradise! Looking forward to Part 2.

  4. Wow, Jean...
    How fascinating!.
    I completely enjoyed this post!!

    SO looking forward to the next post.

    You are a lucky girl where you can grow all sorts of wonderful things.

    Thank you

  5. Hello, Once again it amazes me of all the wonders of God's creation you get to grow and enjoy. It has been so busy here in Colorado with Christmas around the corner.
    What do you do for the holidays?
    I was telling my hubby about having you as a blog friend. I was thinking about you last night :) I think the process of making cocoa really makes me appreciate Cocoa even more. Blessings and Merry Christmas! Tell your hubby he is amazing with all his knowledge of the land.
    In Christ, Roxy

  6. Roxy, thank you for visiting and your comments! We don't really celebrate Christmas. We have not found a mandate in the Bible to celebrate the birth of Christ at this time of year and the rituals of Christmas stem from pagan origins. You can find out more about that on the internet. However, we do not judge others on their celebrations and feel that if people want to celebrate the holidays, that is their prerogative. I realize that this may sound like we are "scrooges" but, I wanted to be honest with you.

  7. This is fascinating and the pods are such beautiful colours.

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