Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday Beach Postcard...

Where wild almond trees line the sandy beach...
and we can pick almond fruit by the bag, free

May your day or night find peace in God's grace.


  1. Do you know what this would be in comparison to our fruit? It isn't almond as we know but some other fruit, just wondering if we have anything that compares to it? Thanks!

  2. Wow just found it, lovely tree that produces nuts with a coconut and almond taste. Would love to see this selectively bred to produce a bigger nut :) thanks for educating me today

  3. I love sea grape trees, they are always so gnarly and look like they had such a tough life, when really they have lives I wish I had on the beach 24/7!

    1. Mark, you set me straight nice and sweet. lol I looked at the photo again and realized it was the wrong one!! That is the sea grape tree in the mistaken photo. I changed it to the real wild almond tree. We have both the sea grapes and almond trees lining that beach. Thanks for drawing my attention to that!