Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Benefits of Raw Milk

Why we drink raw milk on Pilgrim's Farm
Dr. Gerhauser explains the nutritional value of raw versus pasteurized milk

May your day or night be blessed in God's grace.


  1. I don't think I've ever had raw milk, that I remember, my Grandparents had milk cows and I probably had it when I was younger.

  2. This was a great video. I am glad to have the link, and will want to use it in the future. It amazes me that there is so much controversy over milk I am sure our ancestors of a hundred years ago would never have dreamed we would have so much controversy over it. We are all definitely on board about the importance of raw milk. We don't have easy access to it, and don't have our goats any more, so are with out. The video does make me want to start searching again for neighbors or anyone close at hand that I could do some trading or sharing with. Thanks for the post.

  3. Oh my goodness...I used to drink raw milk when I was a little girl. My grandfather had milk cows on his farm and we had milk fresh from the cow. Plus the rich cream to top my black raspberries was awesome!!! Oh how I miss those old days!

  4. Hi Jean, I am so happy to know you drink Raw Milk. I was able to drink it for a few years when my kids were really young. All I can say it was the very best milk we ever drank. It is any wonder we have any strength at all with the way we are MADE to eat.
    Your a blessing to me with each and ever post!
    Thanks so much!
    Blessings and His Favor, Roxy

  5. My grandparents had a dairy farm, and my grandmother- now 93- swears by raw milk. Unfortunately, it is no longer legal to sell in our state. So much for progress! But we have plans to start our own farm one day!
    Your blog Is beautiful!

  6. I wish it were more easily accessible here in the states. It's so wrong that our government is regulating it the way they are.