Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday Farm Postcard...

Where a farmer and his chickens work side by side

May your day or night find sunshine in the Lord's grace.


  1. I love the photo... I can practically smell the beautiful earth. I'm longing for that smell. Chickens are the sweetest gardening companions.

  2. the Saturday post cards are always so nice!
    After being in the snowy weather and the snow storm last week while away from home I can't tell you how much I appreciate my Florida weather :)
    Year round available temps to keep farm fresh is such a blessing!!

  3. Too cute, Jean~ my "girls" love to dig too. I'm glad for the "help", but hate having to clean up after them! *haha*

  4. Beautiful! Your chicken reminds me of my dogs who like to check out everything I'm doing. :o)

  5. Farmer and chicken, hard at work! I bet he loves that hat! (The farmer, not the chicken)

  6. Hi Jean, I love chickens!! But they stay in their coop area, as our doggies will eat them. Once in awhile our Son will put one in the green house area for an afternoon.
    We once had a whole front lawn and a prized orange Mum plant destroyed in one afternoon!
    I drove up my long driveway and all I see is bits of orange color everwhere and I thought what the heck? I cried like a baby and I wanted to make chicken soup real bad!
    But my girls and I have made-up and they stay in their own place :)
    I love and appreciate their eggs!
    Blessings, Roxy