Thursday, March 7, 2013

Carrot Tops & Scripture Context (pt 1)...

The carrot box in the kitchen garden is doing pretty well

let's talk "carrot tops"
when you think of the words carrot tops, which part are we talking of?
sometimes, it refers to the tops as the part of the carrot that is snipped off...
on the end of the carrot body itself...
sometimes it refers to the leafy green tops which are often already snipped by the time...
the carrots reach the marketplace

this makes me think of the different meanings of words in God's scriptures...
and I'll explain that at the end of the post 

and concerning these garden carrots...
I'm quite grateful for the Lord's grace in giving them

we enjoy carrots and I like them best raw
these carrots turned out quite sweet in their taste
and their nutritional value is a wonderful bonus

but then...
what do I do with all the extra green carrot tops?
they are much more than we can eat

well, the answer is quite simple...
hang 'em high...
to air dry

once dried, they don't look as pretty
but they work well in adding needed greens to the dogs' food
it's a good way to preserve them
the bitterness in the green tops become sweet and easy to crumble into the food
and the pets get some nutritional greens in their diet

the has some interesting information...
and recipes on carrot tops

and just for the fun of it...
a photo of a Pilgrim's Farm chick who took to sitting on the radio

this morning, my husband read an excerpt to me from the book "Knowing Scripture" ...
by Bible teacher, R.C. Sproul , a favorite theologian of mine
I found the excerpt well worded concerning the words with multiple meanings in the Bible
here is what he said:

"There are scores of words in the Bible that have multiple meanings. Only the context can determine the particular meaning of a word. For example, the Bible speaks frequently of the will of God. There are at least six different ways this word is used. Sometimes the word will refers to the precepts God has revealed to his people. That is, his will is his "prescribed order of duty for his people." The term will is also used to describe "God's sovereign action by which God brings to pass whatsoever he wills to happen." We call this God's efficacious will because it effects what he wants. Then there is the sense of will being "that which is pleasing to God, that which he delights in."
Let us see how a passage of Scripture could be interpreted in light of these three different meanings of will: God is "not willing that any should perish" (2 Peter 3:9, KJV). This could mean: (1) God has legislated a precept that no one is allowed to perish; it is against the law of God for us to perish; (2) God has sovereignly decreed and effects most certainly that no one will ever perish; or (3) God is not pleased or delighted when people perish. Which of these three would you think is correct? Why? If we examine the context in which this appears and follow the analogy of faith taking into account the larger context of the whole of Scripture, only one of these meanings make sense, namely, the third."
-R.C. Sproul "Knowing Scripture" ch. 4: practical rules for Biblical interpretation

In next Tuesday's post...
 I will continue the excerpt to show Dr. Sproul's explanation of what he is saying.

May your day or night be blessed by God's grace.


  1. Your carrots look lush, and delicious. How nice that carrot tops are edible.

    Interesting about the scripture and I am interested in seeing what R.C. Sproul has to say as further explanation.

    Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

  2. That's a good idea for the carrot tops. Waste not want not!

  3. they were so pretty and frilly!

  4. The chick on the radio is so adorable! I am enjoying your blog so much.

  5. Your carrots look so yummy, Jean...
    I love raw carrots too but my Hubby like his well-done. *haha*
    And the chickie on the radio made my day...
    The explanation by R.C. Sproul was wonderful~ I'm looking forward to reading more of what he says. Hope you have a blessed day, friend.

  6. What a great post! I had no idea we could use the dried carrot tops to add to the dog food. I have four dogs so we will definitely be doing this.

    I'm with Leslie . . . enjoying your blog immensely!

  7. Jean,
    As always, your pix are a little taste of heaven. I like the "Knowing God" excerpt and the discourse, thank you.
    Bless you,