Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Snippets of Life on Pilgrim's Farm

Life gets pretty busy on the homestead...
and posts can be a bit slow in coming...
but, I thought it might be fun just to give you snippets of some of the natural life...
that give us pleasure here as we work around the place
these are a few of the things that are such a blessing from the Lord...
as we go through our short lives here on earth

also, thank you, dear readers for visiting...
for kind comments
they are always appreciated and encouraging

should you watch the video...
you can enlarge it by clicking the 4 arrows to the right on the bottom bar
I hope you enjoy it

May your day or night be blessed in God's grace.


  1. What a beautiful for way to start my morning. . . thank you for sharing your world ~ it continues to feed my daydreams about living in a tropical paradise.

  2. Oh Jean ~ This was a real treat this morning and the music was perfect. A soothing tropical oasis you have.

    Thanks for sharing.

    It is chilly here in s.e. FL this morning, in the 50's and windy which makes it feel colder.

    Have a lovely day ~ FlowerLady

  3. I like the bird in the bananas the best! And the goats, and the chickens.

  4. Love it!

    Life does get busy, doesn't it?!
    But, then again, you always have such wonderful posts about simple pleasures.

    Smiles :)

  5. Thank you for sharing this video of life on Pilgrim's Farm....wonderfully soothing, great to see the birds....hey, what a place to build a nest....will you leave it there and forego the bananas?
    Wonderful weather and a great quality of light...something we are missing over here in Northern Ireland at the moment....but...Spring is on the way but hasn't told the weatherman yet...snowdrops are blooming and daffodils are shooting up and there are buds on the trees and shrubs....we have rain, rain and more rain....think we're almost as green as your lush 'jungle'.

    1. Hi Joyce! We did leave the plantains up until the baby bird fledged and the nest was no longer in use. It was fun watching the whole process!

    2. Oh, and by the way, Joyce, the plantains were ready by the time the baby fledged, so we got to enjoy both!