Mashed Potato Hash and a Touch More

We are living green in foliage green
with all the rain along with sunshine, the plants and trees cannot help it
they have no other wardrobe color to wear except chlorophyll...
which makes for pretty scenery

this area on the side of the cottage leads to the back garden
my husband put down a stone walkway to keep our feet clean of mud during rains
it works

however, what I really want to say is...
there is sunshine in my bottles
the ginger beer soda I made is temporarily bottled...
but, it won't be in them for too long
they taste too good to stay bottled

but, don't the ginger soda make for pretty views

after a few days, the soda culture turned nice and fizzy
in fact, I also want to warn you...
if you make homemade soda...
do make sure that you open the bottle lid s l o w l y...
'cause that fizz is going to turn your soda into a liquidy volcano...
if the lid is popped off too quickly
just like real soda that's been shaken
oh, no!
this is real soda, the homemade one
the other is just lots of bad sugars with chemicals with fizz thrown in to fool us
you know, the ones on the supermarket shelves

and before I forget to tell you...
the commercially made ones don't have that good-for-you probiotics...
and beneficial enzymes...
like the homemade culture does

so, do make your own sodas
it really isn't hard work and you'll wonder how you ever liked commercial soda at all

so now that you have real ginger beer to drink...
how about a mashed potato hash to go with it

for every person who will be eating this, take...
1 medium size potato (2 small ones if you have no medium size)
or more if you are bigger eaters
1 large onion, chopped
herbal seasoning of any kind you like (I'll show you mine further down)
2 Tbs of butter ( I suppose you could use another oil but, it ain't the same)

put the potatoes into a pot of water and bring to boil just until they are turning soft

once they are cooked, put them into a bowl and cool for a few minutes

with a masher or fork, mash up the potatoes, peel and all
the peels have nutrition in them, too
put some sea salt into the potatoes as you mash them, to your taste
don't over mash them, leave them a bit chunky...
it's much better that way

in a pan with the butter, saute the chopped onion till almost soft

add the mashed potatoes and stir them around with the onions just a bit

while the potatoes and onion are cooking...
add the herbal seasoning to your taste
I don't measure but, just sprinkle the seasoning over the potatoes till it looks good to me
my herbal seasoning is a combination of different herbs together into one bottle
it makes it so much easier to just pick up one bottle instead of bringing out the whole pantry
you can see on my fancy labels and lovely handwriting the combination I have
I just buy packages of the herbs (or dry them myself)...
and don't bother using measurements of each - just each package emptied into a bowl...
and thoroughly mixed together, then put into a lidded jar or large mouth bottle
it works
(sorry for the blur - I focused towards the wrong spot)

once the first side of the hash is done, I sprinkle cheese (whatever you like)...

and turn it over to crisp on the other side

voila! mashed hashed potatoes
and you can add anything else you like along the way as it cooks
please your own palate

thought I'd give you a scenic view of fluttering butterflies...
and a pretty, speckled bug on a flower (lower center)
can you see the butterflies in their lovely bright orange-red blurs?

O give thanks to the Lord;
call upon His name;
make known His deeds among the peoples!
1 Chronicles 16:8

May your day or night be praise to the Lord.