Friday, November 19, 2010

Coffee & Coconut...

What do coffee and coconut have to do with each other...?
Well, not much unless, you want to think differently in terms of what creams your coffee.
I do like a cup of coffee in the morning...
sorry...but, my opinion is...
coffee is not so bad for you in moderation.
People have been drinking it for thousands of years.
What is bad are the pesticides some growers use.
On our farm, we are growing a few trees ~ no pesticides
So...about this coconut cream in coffee...
if you eschew dairy products...
coconut milk or cream is absolutely the best.
To be honest, I make my own coconut milk...
but, if you cannot come by it freshly made...
canned should do.
I put a couple of big spoonfuls in mine. Honest, it's good.
Have a bee-utiful day, or night


  1. I like coconuts and I like coffee, so I think I'll give it a try :-)

    Have a great week Pilgrim :-)


  2. How do you make your coconut milk?? Thanks again for the gorgeous eye candy of God's nature!

    1. Hello Villarosa! Thanks for your comments and visits. I did a post on making coconut milk at I will also put the post under my recipes on the sidebar. jean