Monday, November 15, 2010

When Mangoes are in Season...

We go hiking for them...

We farm on what used to be part of an estate
that grew mangoes, cocoa and nutmegs

On this old estate of long ago...
are big mango trees still standing and producing fruit

And, in their high season, we get bag loads...
still, they never last long with us
Juicy, organic ~ how can they?

When we have filled the bag...
we walk back along the river that runs below our farm

Back down the old estate farm road

Passing sheep and goats grazing along the roadside

Foxie, our dog, tenaciously greeting one or two

Meeting a young cow resting as she chews her cud

And, still more mango trees along the road..
throwing down an occasional overripe mango...
even the tiny maribone wasp enjoys the sweet juice that oozes out

May so sweet be your day, or night   


  1. Great Photos! I love mangoes :-)


  2. I love mangoes as well and can't imagine just being able to go pick them. How nice.

  3. I'm drooling here! We just got our "season opener" of snow last weekend. Usually we begin with a dusting but this year started with about 8"! Sadly it was a very wet and heavy snow and on my snowshoe trek in the woods with the dogs I noticed that some trees snapped from the weight!

    We love mangoes, my middle daughter particularly, and I can't imagine the luxury of being able to walk out your door to pick them!