Saturday, January 8, 2011

Field Trip through Pilgrim's Farm...

I would like to invite you on a field trip through
Pilgrim's Farm
it will not look like a typical American or Canadian farm
things are done here a bit differently on this tropical island
so, how about we start at the cottage

Pilgrim's Cottage
looking through the new bamboo fence from the road

as we walk down the road along the fence
up ahead you can see our cow, Ms. MooMoo
as we travel on down the hill from the road
we pass through a natural arbor of the grenadine fruit vine
we come to our river at the bottom of the farm
where the breeze is cool and there is plenty shade
in some places, the river is deep enough to go for a swim
as we go back up the land
we come to the cocoa grove
underneath the cocoa trees are what I call "forest pearls"
they are fungi that grow beneath the fallen cocoa leaves
as we amble along under the cocoa canopy
there are many cocoa pods ready to harvest
when the pods turn yellow or red
they are ready to be picked off the trees
as we go on our way from under the cocoa grove
we come upon the sweet potato patch...
it is a nine month growing season for these sweets before we can dig them out
going on
we pass banana trees, laden with their fruits
and stop to see how the plantains are doing
they are coming along nicely, showing promise
as we climb up the hill pass the bananas and plantains
we come to our two handy men, working hard to finish our bamboo fence as quickly as they can
after a friendly exchange, we continue on our way
pass the lemongrass - one of my favorite herbs...
easy to grow and great for making tea
we pause beside my bamboo "tree"
as tall as a four story building
during our pause, we take in a view of the cottage
and beside us, near the bamboo tree
is our wood pile for making our own charcoal
going on, we pass papaya trees full of their bounty
we pass by tania (a root) and sorrell (flower fruit) which will soon be ready to harvest
a closeup of the tania - a flavorful, tender root - a favorite of mine
to show you just how large the tania plants and their leaves grow
here you see me coaxing my Foxie into the shade
I am 5'2" and the plants are at least 2 feet taller...
the leaves can span up to 4 feet wide
we come to the corn field beneath the cottage
growing corn both for us and for our chickens
creeping through the corn, we get a closer view of the cottage
as we come back down the hill out of the corn
we come to the bottom of the field
and turn to look back at the bamboo tree we paused under
walking along a wall of large rocks at the bottom of the corn field
we look down into the emerald forest below our farm
where, at times, the cow and goat nestle in the trees
I just had to stop and give Foxie a squishie hug
something suddenly caught her attention
we come back up to the cottage to find a box of cocoa beans drying in the sun
we've only seen a part of the farm
but, as this blog journeys through the days of
farm and cottage living on Pilgrim's Farm...
there will be more to come

I hope you enjoyed the tour and thank you for coming along

May your day or night be full of God's grace


  1. Oh that was so fun~so different from my world indeed. It is going to get to -4 degrees tonight.
    Thank you for praying for my Boston.
    Have a wonderful day~

  2. This is just so beautiful, lush, and green! I enjoyed seeing this as we are covered in snow.

  3. Wow! It certainly is a different world on your beautiful farm. I loved seeing the cocoa pods ready for harvest and all of the wonderful fruits and veggies you have growing. Thanks for the tour!

  4. What a beautiful field trip!

    Your world IS different, but it's enchanting. It seems like you've got your own slice of paradise down there.

    I agree that seeing your lush greenery is a sight for sore eyes! :)

  5. What a difference your world is compared to our little town. So lush and gorgeous! Thank you for the trip, made me feel a little warmer, as we have snow on the ground today and below freezing temps.

    Blessings to you!

  6. Beautiful pictures ~Loved the tour. So happy to have stumbled on your blog and to find someone else who is gluten free ~Thanks for sharing Love Heather