Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slow Living in Pilgrim's Cottage...

After taking the cocoa to the agricultural ministry for sale this morning...
I'm ready to get settled into the cottage
but, putting things away quickly enough is a little harder than it may seem

while some things still sit on the floor...
at least, I have the table and a couple of chairs
set up in the veranda

we had our first coffee here during a break from work

my kitchen island now sits where it should
later, I will give a more finished look to the back

this is where my pots, pans and bakeware will go
for easy access
a local man on the island made this for me

I asked that the island top be left as raw wood...
so that I could oil it down with walnut oil
the wood is white cedar

my husband is making the computer desk with
some shelving for books
it's has a ways to go, yet

my few "fine" china and such are put away in the cupboard

after putting some things away into
their permanent homes...
I went out on the farm and gathered some young tree leaves

these are medicinal leaves that I make into tea...
it helps keep the immune system going
 the name of the tree is bacano

I did some weeding in the corn field to keep the ground around the stalks clean - that's a job and a half

with the long, busy day...
I can hear my bed calling to me

Thank you for visiting!
Please do have a good night, or day


  1. I really enjoyed my visit in your cottage~it is so cute.
    We are covered in a blanket of snow. I so enjoyed seeing your sunshine!
    Good Night~hope you get rested!

  2. Your rows of corn look so pretty, ours was a waste this past summer, just too dry here and we do not have a well to water it yet.

    I love your cottage, all of your decor pieces, and your white kitchen, I really am in love with white kitchens right now.

    Yesterday, (out of impatience), I found a can of white paint (not sure if it's what I should use for cabinets...the durability factor???) and started on a section of my cabinets to see what would happen if I change them to white? I think it's going to be good!!! Your pictures inspire me to keep on with the white. I need to take some before and after pics, so I can share the change.

    It's too bad you're not just a hop, skip and jump away, it would be nice to sit on your beautiful veranda and learn all about your life there in the tropics.

    The Lord bless you!

  3. What a beautiful part of the world you are blessed to live in :-)
    I really like your kitchen! The white cupboards are very pretty and the room looks so peaceful.
    Hope you are having a great day of blessings..Trish

  4. Now that's a nice place to take a coffee break. I'm afraid I wouldn't get much work done :-)