Friday, June 24, 2011

So, It Went Like This...

It wasn't asked to...
but, my computer decided to crash earlier this week.
And, it didn't have the decency when it went to permanent sleep...
to save all my photos.
Last night was spent all hours into the wee morning...
working with a software to find all those ditched photos that went into hiding.
and now that they are back in my computer...
it will take a few days to put them back in order and re-delete the ones that I deleted...
while keeping the ones that are worth the looking at.
In the meantime...
look who came to the farm the other day...
Sisters of the feathered kind.

A kind lady gave us two of her!
Only, our ckicken coop isn't ready, yet.
So, we keep them in a fenced crop field...
and away from our dogs...
who want to eat them!
I think my work has doubled just getting a couple of future egg layers without a coop.
Until that coop is finished...
I'm giving reminderes with the urgent message...
my new hens need a safe home!
I haven't a clue as to what kind of chickens these are.
No one else seems to know...
they are...well...just chickens.
If anyone who is savvy enough to know...
I'm all ears to hear about them.

while I am mulling over the problem of keeping my hens safe and used to their new home...
my new black pepper vine is put into it's new home.
Bet everyone out there except me knew black pepper grew on a vine.
That was a new one for me.

We went up into the country in the mountains to the government nursery...
and got us some new plants for the farm.
I was thrilled they have black pepper and vanilla plants.
But, the vanilla plant will be picked up later.
Getting true vanilla extract is almost impossible here and the beans are impossibly expensive to buy.
So, you can imagine my most pleasant surprise at finding out the nursery is growing them to sell.

Digging the hole and planting my first black pepper was a fun thing.
It will be trained to trail in a circle hanging from a Glory Cedar tree...
a tree favored by both the goats for their leaves...
and the honey bees for their flowers.

yeah...alright, Foxie...
go ahead and guard my black pepper vine.

"For God is the King of all the earth:
sing ye praises with understanding."
Psalms 47:7

Have a good day, or night.


  1. I forwarded this post to my sister as your chicks look kind of like some of hers, maybe she will have some info for you.

  2. cute chicks!! and what wonderful plants to try out in your garden vanilla and pepper so useful as well!! May they bring you much bounty ~Love Heather

  3. Ugh! Computer problems are always a pain in the neck, aren't they? I'm glad that you are getting your pictures back in some kind of order.

    I also was not aware that black pepper was an actual plant. I learn something new every time I come over to your blog.

    The baby chicks are cute. :)

    -An Ordinary Woman

  4. My two year old computer died a couple of weeks ago. Repair costs much, much more than I paid for it. (won't be fixing it) Then started using an old computer I had reserved for my kids. It died today and am now relegated to my husband's work laptop. Yuck! Your free chicks look great and hey, they are free! Excellent!

  5. You are so fortunate to have a dog to guard your plants! I have to protect all of my plants from
    my dog.

    I do hope she will grow out of this nosing around, digging little holes and such.

    My next blog will feature "herself".

    I love your post! Beautiful plants... but then, so are you.


  6. For some reason, I keep coming across blog posts today with chickens in them. Mine included.

  7. Well, I didn't know black pepper grew on a vine either. So, we're in good company.

    I was telling Mr. C, about your life there, what you share w/ all of us on your blog. He wants to know if any land is for sale near your tropical paradise?lol Only kidding, we do want more land, and we're looking for the perfect place.

    Hope you all have a wonderful day today!

  8. They look a bit like Silver Laced Wyandottes to me, but I've been known to be wrong many times:))

    Love your blog and all your pictures! So glad I took the time to come and visit you! Your comments have been so encouraging to me:))

    Hmmm... is there land for sale near your tropical paradise!! LOL

  9. I sometimes think that the computers know exactly when it's the worst time...I must back up, thanks for reminding me.

    I learned about your pepper vine, and vanilla plant today, so see you are not the only one.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again - you live on a bit of Heaven on earth!! How sweet of Foxie to protect your newest plant. I just love your posts!... Donna