Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Good Morning!....

We are in the rainy season...
making it a tad difficult to stay in the gardens long enough...
for anything.

We are under my favorite tree.

It is one of those days to steep herbal teas...
and work on the veranda curtains.

It's a great day to listen to some good sermons on God's sovereignty and His grace.
This is one good preacher.
Pastor Fortner preaches like very few do.
If you are interested in the things of the Lord...
check out

May you have a good day, or night.


  1. you have the rain, I have the heat :)

    I have to go out and water this morning still, but before I do, I wanted to say thanks for the link! this afternoon when I'm sitting in front of the fan, I will be sipping my 'mother's milk tea' and listen.....

    God Bless!
    Anne Marie

  2. Well, there is definitely no rain in sight around here, only warmth and sunshine. It rained here until the beginning of June, so I am thankful to have a break from the rain.

    The picture you took of you being under the tree is a nice one. I like your house. It's very unique. You will not see any houses of that color in my neck of the woods. :)

  3. I'm with Ann Marie - we have the heat that makes it difficult to be in the garden. Yesterday I came in drenched with sweat just from watering!

    I love the color of your house!

  4. Send the rain our way please, if only it were that easy. :D We've been praying for the farmers here, rain has severely slacked off after our spring flooding. Now it's extremely hot, so hot that no one is getting much of anything from their gardens.

    Thanks for sharing the link, I love good, sound preaching.

    A good day to you too!!!