Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Short Hello...

it's just a little difficult to fit blogging into the day's schedule.

But, it doesn't do for me to have a blog up and not put something up to say hello to all and any readers coming by.
So, hello, again.
I do hope to come visiting you all in the next couple of days and checking the posts I've missed.
In the meantime...
there is one long list of items calling out my name...
and they must be attended to.
I will eat my breakfast before heading out of the cottage...
and slowly checking off the list.

Salad greens, avocado, cherry tomato, cranberry salad with fried ripe plantain

Lord willing, I will visit you soon.
To show my thanks for comments...
your blogs will be visited first.
So... :-) please leave a comment if you will!

Please do have a wonderful day, or night.


  1. delicious looking breakfast - and reading your blog is a pleasure - as I have said before.....
    thanks for the quick hello!!

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious! I bet you do have a long 'to do' list, with growing so many wonderful things...We have doves like that but ours have white rings around their necks. Have a good day!

  3. Your outdoor photos always look so lush and green. :) Beautiful yard!

    I, too, think your breakfast looks divine. My mouth waters just looking at it!

    I've been busy too, not much time to blog but I have managed to put a couple posts up about the trip my daughters and I took in June.

    I hope your summer is going well.


  4. Hello from Texas,
    I just found your garden blog a few days ago and really love your gardens there. I put you on my blog favorites list this week. I'm also a tropical gardener, but in a place that gets freezes each winter. That does make it a challenge, doesn't it?

    We also have chickens.
    God's Blessings and hope to get to know you better in the coming year.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston :-)

  5. Sometimes it's hard to come up with a post, sometimes I don't feel like posting, and sometimes what I want to post seems inappropriate. I just try to post anyway, same time every day.

  6. Yum, what a beautiful breakfast!

    I haven't had time to blog in so long, hope to be back soon, just really busy right now. I'm so thankful to have the time to stop by today and see what you've been up to, I've really missed not having time to stop in.