Friday, August 19, 2011

A Garden Day...

3 days a week are my garden days...
Monday, Wednesday, Friday


even on this earthly "paradise"...
if you want to eat, you have to work

some herbs are sown in the potager...
others are grown in pots

lemon balm and oregano

I've got a plant in below photo that is supposed to be some kind of mint...
does anyone recognize it?
because I sure don't

the sunflower seeds are's hoping

my lettuce always seem to do nicely...
no matter what kind
 the one below is romaine

we are not about to run out of tomatoes real soon...
more yellow cherries out of the potager...
these tomatoes for enough today 

our closed petal hibiscus are dropping as new ones come out...
I can pick them up by buckets...

May the Lord bless your day, or night.


  1. Everything looks great! I have never seen mint that looks like that, if the one you are talking about is the one with the stick in back of it, so I guess I'm of no help. I just thought of one it might be...Pennyroyal, here is a link.

  2. Yes, you are living in a paradise. Your plants look so happy! It's good that you put in the picture of hard labor so I don't pout about how nice it would be to live somewhere green things just thrive... ;)

    Blessings, Debbie

  3. I'll ask my husband, Joe, about that herb. The romaine looks so green, like none, I've seen here in CA. Are you going to make hibiscus tea? What do you use as fertilizer in your soil?

  4. All your garden goods look wonderful, but especially those pots of herbs! I've never seen mint like that either. Maybe someone put the wrong tag in it. Oh well, it will be an adventure for you anyway to figure out what exactly it is!

    I had to chuckle when I saw your sunflower seedlings. Years ago, we kept noticing all these sunflowers randomly popping up in our yard, and had no idea where they were coming from. We didn't plant them, and didn't want them.

    One day in passing, our neighbor said she wanted to see sunflowers around the neighborhood when she walked, so she took seeds from her own sunflowers and randomly planted them in other people's gardens! Don't ask me where she got the idea that this was okay. We were pulling them out of our garden for a while until we finally got rid of them all. Still, every time I see a sunflower, I think of this woman and her antics.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Sherri B, thanks for the site you gave for looking up the mint plant! I'll let you know if I found the plant.

    Debbie, and the weeds thrive just as well as anything here :)

    Beth, we have rich, organic soil that probably makes a difference in our produce color. We use goat/chicken manure and weed tea for fertilizer. These hibiscus are for looking at :)

    Cozy Home Scenes, I got a good chuckle out of your sunflower story. That was cue!

  6. Joe said to rip a leaf and smell it, there's all kinds of mint herbs, chocolate, spearmint. I'm thinking of chocolate mint yogurt about now sounds good.