Friday, September 23, 2011

Curly, the He-Goat...

O, Curly!
wherefore art thou?
Oh..there you are

whatcha doin' over there?
come on over and see us

come on...
you're too far away
come let everyone see how purty, er...handsome, you are

that's better

stand tall, now, so we can get a good look at you
yes, indeed...
you are a good looking he-goat

we can see how cute you are, too

uh...those aren't worms in his belly...
and he can't be pregnant
he loves to eat a lot...a lot

May your day, or night be sweet.


  1. My dogs first experience with a goat is hilarious. I was walking my dog, and there was a new baby goat. tied to a post. exactly the same size as my dog. My dog didn't know what it was and sniffing and checking him out. All of a sudden, WHAM! forehead to forehead, that goat butted my dog! My dog was so surprised you could see it on his face, and embarrassed. He started bark bark barking and I laughed so hard...

    Laughing's best when you don't know you're going to laugh before you do. When it gets pulled out involuntarily and unexpectedly.

  2. Beautiful goat! I am facinated with your homesteading in another (climate) country! So different than here in Michigan, just by looking at the pictures! We have leaves changing color and cooler weather upon us...oh and no tropical fruit trees in the backyard!;0

  3. I love Curly, he is such a charmer! This post makes me wanna have a goat.

  4. Oooooo I just LOVE Handsome, CUTE,
    Perdy, CHARMING Curly!!!!

    Blessings, Linnie (who has three Senior Goaties of her own) ... (Two Nubies and a curly curly Angora) :-D

  5. I love him. He is definitely a handsome guy. I think goats are one of my favorite animals; We are working on getting some around our place again... we used to have them (Alpines, Nubians, Toggenburgs and Saanens - my favorite were the Nubians).

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog... looking forward to browsing through. It is very interesting to read all about your life in the tropical parts of the world.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, and for your prayers. My hubby is home now, and feeling better... although still out of commission for about 5 weeks.

    Many Blessings,

  6. What a pleasant demeanor he seems to have, he looks like he is smiling. Cutie goat!