Friday, September 16, 2011

Green Tomatoes...

This morning...
I picked all the green tomatoes from 12 tired tomato plants that gave a good harvest

and pulled up the empty plants to make room for lettuce

What to do with a big bowl of green tomatoes?

Wanting a recipe that didn't need for me to use a preserving process...
checked around on the internet for a good recipe

Looking forward to trying it out

May your day, or night be a bowl of wonderful green tomatoes.


  1. Once I saw a movie called 'Fried Green Tomatoes'
    Maybe you can really fry them.

  2. Mark:
    Done that :) Fried green tomatoes are good. May do some today as well as the relish.

  3. I'm thinking we may never see a ripe tomato this year...thanks for the recipe, looks good and I just might need it! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Let us know how the green relish recipe turns-out. Sounds like it would be good.