Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lemony Herbs in Green Delight...

Lemony duo...
give green relief against the white pantry

lemongrass & lemon balm herbs
they make good tea

May your day, or night find balm in God's wonderful grace.


  1. The title made me laugh.
    "Lemony Herbs in Green Delight"
    Made me think the chef didn't want me to know what the "Green Delight" was!
    Kind of like mystery meat in the navy!

  2. Your posts are so pretty... like a magazine. I love lemon balm; I grow it and use it. I know that lemon grass is a wonderful herb, but haven't used it. You have inspired me to get some of my herbs out of the garden this week and do some lovely things with them. Your china hutch is delightful; I think I have the mates to some of your teacups in my china hutch. :)

    Also, loved your previous post on salt. It was really good.. I usually buy sea salt and have lately bought some of that Himalayan salt which is full of many minerals as well. I was so interested that sea salt has 100 nutirents that cannot be duplicated in the laboratory. I always felt as if sea salt and natural salt was the best way to go, but had never researched it. Thanks for the info, and for the picture of yours... I would love to see how you get yours and how it is processed (perhaps you should do another post on it).

  3. Your quite the artistic type. Looks too good to take down.
    Cheers to your cup of tea. David/ :-)