Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Island Life...

When one lives on a beautiful island...
it always makes sense to carry a camera

coastal fishing village on the Caribbean sea side

True Blue Resort and Restaurant - a favorite eating spot with us
St. George's medical University in the background

Westerhall aflame with flamboyants

Beach in Sauters, north of the island

Sister island view from Sauters

Ft. Jeudy island cottage, overlooking Atlantic sea side

Have a good day, or night.


  1. Such beautiful photos of your island life! We live on an island has a feel all it's own doesn't it?

  2. Wow. So beauiful! I can't imagine actually living on an island and getting to see that all of the time. What a blessing! Thank you for a peek!

  3. Please tell them is just one little negative thing about living there, not that I wish for you to have anything negative, but it does look like the perfect place to live and I need to check my heart and make sure I do not covet. If there were one thing not so nice, maybe I wouldn't be so tempted? So amazingly beautiful there!!! Hugs!!!

  4. Beautiful! And I am sure there are negative things about living no snow for instance ~ Hmmm, is that a negative thing? :)


  5. Beautiful! With weather predictions for rain and even snow coming soon island life looks pretty good!

  6. When were these taken? Because in Cayman, the Poincianas get their orange in the summer, and it's all gone now..

  7. can you believe we got snow yesterday? your pictures are gorgeous...especially the one with the red roof top and the red bushes in the background....

  8. Sherry B, islands do have a feel of their's part of what makes them appealing

    Mrs C, even "paradise" islands have their downsides :)

    MarkD60, the pictures were all taken throughout the year, so the one with the flamboyants was taken when they were blooming, during the summer like in the Caymans. This year, we had flamboyants blooming longer than usual and it was probably due to the rains.

    Thanks to you all for your comments and kind compliments!

  9. I love your photos! Especially the 3rd one :-)

    Take care and have a nice day :-)

    And thanks for your recent comment on My Blog :-)

  10. Simply beautiful ! As always, I love ur work These are some amazing photos of the human spirit in battle with the vastness of nature.A powerful shot.

  11. That's awesome island Photos i love the blog Beautiful photos! love all the colour ...