Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Tropical Winter...

Now, I realize that while many are getting snow
up there in the northern part of the world...

there is no such cold, white delight here on this tropical island

instead of shoveling snow or driving on icy roads...
I am seeding my pots for the "concrete" garden...
while I listen to the myriads of song birds filling the air

we do experience a cooling at this time of year in the caribbean...
and the breezes whisper through the banana trees and throughout the cottage...
while softly whistling in the bamboo beyond the gardens 

and I have my usual anole lizard friend...
keeping me company with a curious eye on my putterings

I now have some seeds sowed in my pots...
and we shall see what the Lord is pleased to grow from them
perhaps, if He please,
He will also give the increase

May your day, or night be graced with God's blessings.


  1. It sounds wonderful as our winters here in Kentucky are usually filled with gray skies and rain. Sometimes snow, but you just never know. Soak up some sunshine for me.

  2. I remember the winters we had in Cartagena...they were mild and just beautiful. Temps of 75 degrees...just perfect :-) ~ like yours are!


  3. So Green and Beautiful~ Enjoy your warm winter!! Love Heather

  4. I love how blogland helps us travel outside of our little area, and learn what others are doing in their part of the world. Planting seeds in Dec., I love it! May God bless your work!