Monday, January 16, 2012

Look How God Paints...!

Have you ever noticed how well our Lord paints?

and do you know what He has painted on our farm today?

if you guessed a pineapple...
you are right

God thought it all up before any human artist came along...
He is the Initiator, the Creator of all things beautiful...
all the colors we can possibly come up with...
He brought them all into being

and, if you have artistic talent...
you have the Lord, the First and Last Artist...
to thank for it

this pineapple is our very first grown here on the farm...
still just a baby, but...
isn't it lovely?

and that reminds me...

"in that day shall the Lord of hosts be for a crown of glory,
and for a diadem of beauty,
unto the residue of His people"
Isaiah 28:5

May the Lord color your day, or night with His beautiful grace.


  1. Beautiful. I wrote today of human artists, and you wrote of God. A good reminder to give the glory. Creation is a marvel and a declaration of His handiwork.
    Your writing is worshipful.

  2. Our God is an Awesome God! I am in awe of His creation on a daily basis.

  3. I would have never guessed a pineapple at first glance. It is beautiful! I'm always overwhelmed by the color and variety of plants our God created. Especially little bitty flower blooms, with little intricate details. He is amazing!

  4. Beautiful! Often times when we see the setting sun we admire God's painting. His creation is amazing!

    Have you ever read The Pineapple Story by Bill Gothard; Otto Koning? It's a child's story, but so powerful.