Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Market, to Market...

But, not to buy a fat hog...
no, we are thinking...
green bananas

with all the bananas growing on the farm...

there are only so many we can eat

so, it's off to the market they go

by the way...
we call these "green figs" here on this island

green bananas are used as a vegetable...
soups, stews, curries and such
and that is why we pick these bananas green
I like to eat them mashed with sea salt and butter

May you have a most pleasant day, or night.


  1. They are gorgeous, I wish you success at the market! xo

  2. what a glorious sight they are too...Hope the market prices were in your favor too

    Blessings Kelsie

  3. Wow that's some harvest! I love that you shared how locals eat them. I will have to try it! I had a neighbor that was originally from Hawaii and said that they had to be very careful picking bananas due to spiders. Is that true for you as well?
    We are on a commercial flower farm on a peninsula in New Jersey {aka: The Garden State}. My Scout, looks much like your Jack! This is my first visit to your wonderful blog but I will be returning.


  4. Karen Deborah, I don't know the name of the tree with the yellow flowers but, am trying to find out.

    Deborah(Fairfield House), we don't have spider problems in the bananas, for which I'm glad!

  5. Oh my, your bananas are amazing.....with I could come and visit you on your island. God has blessed you richly, but you know that! Blessings from my farm to your farm, me

  6. Oh wow, what fun to see such delightful homegrown bounty. I love seeing all those bananas. My daughter in law is half Puerto Rican, and she has often made us fried plantains, and fixed bananas and plantains in a variety of ways that I had never thought of before... We have always enjoyed them and look forward to when she cooks for us.

    Love that beautiful honey on your previous post. Its light color is so beautiful.
    Many Blessings,

  7. Wow! Now I am quite curious of what a cooked green banana tastes like ...hmmmm? I shall have to trie some time!
    ;-D.. linnie