Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Underneath My Cottage Stairs...

are some of the Lord's loveliest creations

3 months ago, I planted a second rose bush to keep company with my first bush

these are the first roses my newest bush has put out

they first bud in deeper pink...

and as they bloom...

the deeper pink fades to a paler shade...
and the roses become dressed in soft pink petals...
as if ready for the flower show ball

lovely in their young state...

the pale pink fading...

aging with beautiful grace...
as they become a creamy white...
before they drop their pretty petals...
one by one

let me leave you with a creature just as lovely...
a sweet dove who let me come so close...
I could reach out and touch her...if I had dared
isn't she gorgeous?!

May your day, or night be graced with the loveliness of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. Your posts just keep getting better all the time. Can anything be more perfect than those beautiful roses? Your photographs look very professional. I am struggling with a camera that is way above my ability to use it. I know it would take wonderful looking photographs if I had time to practice and maybe even take some classes. Maybe sometime........ I don't won't to be a bother but I REALLY wish you would put these beautiful pictures on my party that is going on now. I think many more people would benefit from seeing your beautiful way of living, the precious scriptures you sprinkle throughout and of course, see your beautiful photographs. If you are not interested at all, please forgive me if I annoy you by asking. I honestly love your blog and just want to share it with others. Link up if you can. Have a wonderful day enjoying whatever the day brings in your gorgeous part of the world.------- Shannon

  2. Excellent roses! The color is fantastic!
    I saw that same bird at our house... I'm sure of it! ha ha!

  3. Excellent roses! The color is fantastic!
    I saw that same bird at our house... I'm sure of it! ha ha!

  4. Those roses remind me of some my grandmother grew along the drive..they had a very warm and spicy smell, just delicious. - We have doves just like that around our place, they come and visit the yard every now and then, so very pretty! xo

  5. What a climate you are blessed with! Whar rose is it? When I first moved to the south I planted 36 rose bushes. I only a few climbers left. Black spot reins supreme here. My Zepherin Douphrin is very harty and has no thorns! I am guessing your roses are New Dawn.
    I love your posts they are so worshipful.

  6. I'm embarrassed to say so, but, I don't know what roses these are :( Not too many people here have roses and those who do just call them roses. It's like pulling teeth trying to find out what the names of plants are on this island.

  7. What a pretty colour your roses have! I can't wait for the spring to start in Holland and to enjoy them too. Meanwhile your photo's make me happy!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  8. Thank you for sharing your beautiful buds and blossoms -- a sweet remembrance of warmer times on this cold winter day in NJ! Your photograph of the dove is perfection. I can almost feel her feathers! We are blessed.


  9. Oh my goodness, so beautiful!

  10. Oooooooo! Aaaaaaaah!!
    What beeeeeeautious Roses!!

    And I loved the picture of the sweet Morning Dove ;-D

    Blessings and Hugs, Linnie