Saturday, February 25, 2012


Thank you, Katie!
we can credit Katie, who left a comment on the last post ...
on giving info on this smooth-billed ani ...
I just could not find it anywhere on the net, myself

these birds (beautiful in their own God given way)...
are of the cuckoo family 
now, I know why these birds show up whenever we turn over new soil...
and put in new seedlings for the next harvest
they hang around cultivated areas for the freshly dug insects and bugs...
and come for the fruits they enjoy eating

they are definitely noisy...
and do have a clumsy way of flying...
I have been amused at watching them land like rocks on tree limbs...
grabbing to keep themselves from falling to the ground

but, they seem to do well walking on the ground

the females share nests and broods together...
helping each other out...
bringing up babies (how nice!)

this was a great help, Katie!
now, I can rest  : )

May you have a lovely day, or night by God's grace.


  1. We have the same birds in Cayman, but pure black. They are all over the yard when I mow the grass.

  2. What a unique bird.......God is truly amazing is He not? We have been having our skies filled with Sand Hill Cranes......beautiful site and sound pretty also!

    Hugs from my farm,

  3. Wow beautiful pictures!! I need to draw this bird for sure ~Thanks for sharing a little of your paradise Love Heather

  4. I 'm sorry to be so late to say "thanks" for visiting my blog.
    But I 'm very glad now to find time to see the wonderful pictures in your blog. Have a wonderful Sunday


  5. What a wonderful bird, very unique and a beautiful picture.
    'Cottage Life on Pilgrim's Farm'this is a nice blog :)


  6. How lovely! What interesting birds.

  7. His plumage is so pretty! What an odd shaped beak. I just all the variety God blessed us with in all that He has created. We've been enjoying Cedar Waxwings as they are migrating through our area now. I just love birds!

  8. This is my first visit to your blog. Nice to meet you.

    What an usually beautiful bird! Thank you for sharing with us.