Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Didn't Know...

When my husband called me over into the garden...
there was a beautiful surprise that gave me an education

this is our third pineapple on the farm coming up out of the stalk...
but, what I didn't know...
was that the baby pineapple BLOSSOMS!!
and pineapple plants are bromeliads

I haven't grown pineapples before...
so, it's a good excuse for not understanding how pineapples grow...
I think

the flowers are a gorgeous pinkish purple color...
the honey bees certainly like them

and as the blossoms fall off eventually...

they give way to the sectional parts of the skin called the "eyes"...
which are actually lots of tiny fruits fusing together

and if you look at the bottom of the fruit...
you will see the suckers coming up

those will be re-planted to grow more pineapples...
after the pineapple is ready to harvest

did you know?

May the Lord show grace to you this day, or night.


  1. I knew pineapples were bromeliads. I want to grow pineapples now.

  2. Just grab the paddles now, you've sucked the breath right outta this Ozark Farm Chick 'cause that flower is breathtakingly beautiful!!!

    Woohoo, it just tickles me pink to see somethin' green and flowerin' right now. We're mostly brown 'round here.

    Who knew a pineapple plant could display such beauty. Thanks for the education and the beautiful photos.

    From the happy hills and hollers of the Missouri Ponderosa, ya'll have a blessed and beautiful day now..ya hear!!! :o)

  3. No, i didn't know. I work in a college kitchen.......the salad girls send the cores home with me so we can eat what little meat we can get off of it. I take my computer everyday to look up recipes. I am going to show this so the salad girls can see also. I keep sharing the goodness of the Lord with......they will love this! It will be a testament of our creator! Thank you, just beautiful!

    The Lord did show His grace today!

  4. No, I did not know! God is awesome for creating such a lovely and yummy plant. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!!

  5. Fascinating and beautiful! Who knew? What a lovely place you live! Thanks for your visit!

  6. A beautiful flower and I just love the fruit. Thank you for giving us a little nature lesson.
    Blessings Gail
    p.s. they tell us it all came from a big bang!!!! I don't think so. Our God is awesome.

  7. God's grace has been overwhelming us lately. He is so GOOD! And no, I didn't know these things about a pineapple. I'm so thankful you're sharing what you learn. I remember when we studied trees in our homeschool, and learned that each tree makes a flower at some point when budding out. It's fun to find the flowers, sometimes they are so tiny you wouldn't know there were little blossoms there if someone else hadn't taught us. Thanks for sharing the pineapple blossoms w/ the rest of us, just beautiful!