Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's Saturday...

what can I say

if you are a honey lover...
look for Monday's (Feb. 13) post on a chance to win our own Pilgrim's raw honey

in the meantime...

May your weekend be sweet in God's grace.


  1. Jean, what a delicious give away that will be! Of all the pictures you have had on your blog, the honey and the cute little goat are my favorite. In fact, the other day, I asked my Dad to come look at your blog so I could show him the goat. He started walking away a little uninterested and I asked " did you see it"? He said " yes about five times". Then he kindly reminded me that I had showed it to him several times before. He is a country boy in his heart so he liked it, too. Have a great weekend!------ Shannon

  2. In Costa Rica, my In-Laws had quart bottles filled with honey! Delicious!

  3. Oh sweet picture :) God's Grace to you too!! Love Heather

  4. I do like this picture! I will be checking out the post with a chance to win. I have ordered a hive and bees for our farm this season. I cannot wait to get started with it!

  5. Love her sweet face!

    Blessings, Linda